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Welcome to the University of Pikeville Residence Life Page.

Living on campus provides students with the opportunity to experience a diverse population. Where else can you find people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and interests in one happy setting? You will experience differences and the reality that everyone has something to contribute. Important parts of the total educational experience are making friends and participation with your classmates in cultural activities, sporting events, student government activities, or just good old-fashioned gab sessions.

There is no greater college experience than having the opportunity to meet new friends, study together, succeed together and have lifetime memories of the times you shared. The friendships you make will last forever.

Studies of college students show that students living on campus are more involved, have higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate than students living off campus.

Enjoy the Pikeville experience and have a lifetime of fond memories.

University of Pikeville Residence Life
147 Sycamore Street • Pikeville, Ky. 41501
Phone: 606.218.5224 • Fax: 606.218.5225
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday

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