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Spiritual Life
Our Relational God

As the Turkish proverb states: “No road is long with good company.” Life is all about relationships. Based on a five-year study of spiritual development of university students, it was discovered that current university students’ biggest struggle is relationships. A research study finds that “relational loss, stress and conflict are the norm for college students, which stems from their identity exploration and instability that is an intrinsic part of this stage of life.”

The task of the spiritual life team at UPIKE is to empower students to wind their way through the college experience, all the while building a healthy relationship with God and with others. Relationship building is very tough work yet it is primary to the university experience. To meet the growing relational need of our students, the Meditation Chapel has been redesigned to become a more relational space. 

Chapel has long been a staple at UPIKE and a key way to define our commitment to the Christian faith. Chapel service has been designed to help the UPIKE community quiet their hearts and hear from God. Do you have a story you would like to share with us about how God touched while at UPIKE? We would love to hear your “God stories.”

As we celebrate the glorious ways in which God has met with students in chapel throughout the ages, we anticipate ongoing encounters with the living Savior through the chapel time. Each Tuesday at 11 a.m. the UPIKE community is invited to worship together in this special time of reflection and relationship building. Maybe you would like to come back to “the hill”  and join in chapel by sharing in song, message, reading, prayer, or in another way. Please come and be our guest and join us as we listen to God. I would love to personally show you our worship space. Please know, there is always room at the table for you.
If you would like to share in chapel or share your “God story” please contact Rob Musick, UPIKE chaplain, at or 606-218-5762.  

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