God is doing something here.

On the campus of the University of Pikeville, we have the chance to be part of a revolutionary movement. Each week 737 brings contemporary, compelling worship right to the heart of the UPIKE campus. In addition to worship, Scripture-based teachings will engage participants and challenge each of us to not simply attend worship, but change our community and our world in the name of Christ.

737: A New Way to Live
One of the most common misconceptions about college is when students arrive on campus they enter into a battle for their spiritual beliefs and that they will have lost their faith before they earn their degree. At the University of Pikeville this is simply not the case.

One of the key ways UPIKE supports students on their walk with Christ is through a worship service known as 737. Meeting each Sunday evening at 7:37 p.m. in Booth Auditorium, 737 provides a consistent, relevant and powerful way to meet Jesus Christ.

Through creative uses of technology, contemporary and high quality worship songs, weekly communion and Bible-centered messages, 737 both challenges and encourages students to faithfully follow Christ while at UPIKE. Over the last year, the Spirit has changed many lives through this time of transformational worship.

This ministry, however, is not just for UPIKE students. Now in its second year, 737 has welcomed many community members who are reaching out for the living God. Jesus is using 737 and UPIKE as a beacon of hope, love and living model of the Kingdom of God for many students who feel that there is no place for them in a life of faith. Ultimately, 737 is a consistent time of Christ-centered worship which casts a relevant, fresh vision of God, inviting students into a new way to live.

I invite you to partner with us at 737.

- Chaplain Rob

Join us each Sunday night at 7:37 p.m. in Booth Auditorium.

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