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UPIKE student art featured

March 27, 2017 12:00 AM
Pikeville, Ky.
The works of University of Pikeville students are currently on display in the Janice Beeler Ford Student Art Gallery on the UPIKE campus.

“Student artist is another word for emerging artist,” said Petra Carroll, associate professor of art. “The young, emerging artists represented in this exhibition demonstrate their current mastery of both media and visual language, and in the process explore the eye, the mind and the soul of art.”

Student work on display in the Ford Gallery include Tori Dillon, Ashley Gaggley, Victoria Hampton, Eric Helvey, Kimberly Hylton, Aundrea Matchen, Angie Mullins, Larissa Muncy, Andrea Paige, Jesse Plourde, Sarah Prince, Marinalda Ralston, Brianna Slone, Monica Webb and Angel West.

The selected works demonstrate the highest levels of technique and vision and include ink, acrylics, graphite and mixed media. The art pieces were created in basic drawing, two-dimensional design and painting courses.

Andrea Paige, of London, is the recipient of this year’s Janice Beeler Ford Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts.

“Andrea works hard, is willing to try just about anything, and is at heart, a poet,” said Patricia Kowalok, professor of art. “In this exhibit, she shows her ability to move from controlled and graphic shapes to imagery that is organic and suggestive of nature and maps. She has clearly learned the components of art. And with that foundation, Andrea has learned to trust her inner eye, her intuition, her artistic soul—however you want to call that element that makes visual communication, visual poetry so important to some people—and has created something that is mature and articulate.”

The exhibit runs through the spring semester.

The gallery is dedicated to the memory of Janice B. Ford who taught at the university for many years. In the classroom, Ford fostered an environment of encouragement and support for all students to experience the act of making art.

Caption: UPIKE student artist Andrea Paige’s work was recognized with the 2017 Janice Beeler Ford Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts.

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