The purpose of the KYCOM Alumni Association is:
1. to promote the mission of the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine;
2. to maintain a helping and informative relationship with all those who have been connected with the KYCOM; and
3. to promote and preserve the interest of students of KYCOM, past and present, in one another and in KYCOM.

If you are a graduate of KYCOM (formerly, PCSOM), please join the KYCOM Alumni Association. There are three membership options: an annual membership, a lifetime membership, or a complimentary membership for graduates in the GME Training. If you are interested in joining the Alumni Association, please click the "How to Join" tab above to fill out an application.

Also, the KYCOM Alumni Association has established a scholarship fund to help defray the costs associated with medical school. Please consider donating to help establish the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Endowed Scholarship Fund
The KYCOM Alumni Association seeks meaningful ways to support KYCOM, its mission, and its students. KYCOM students now graduate with an average student loan debt of $190,000. With this in mind, the KYCOM Alumni Association is establishing an endowed scholarship fund to provide scholarships to KYCOM students to defray the costs of their medical education. The KYCOM Alumni Association, working with the KYCOM Administration, will meet annually to award Alumni Association Scholarships from the earnings of this fund. With your generous support, the Alumni Association can build this perpetual scholarship fund to help deserving students realize their dream for generations to come. Working together, pooling our resources, we, as KYCOM alumni, can and will make a difference.

Please donate to help establish our endowed scholarship fund.

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