Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Office of Admissions phone number?
The phone number is 606.218.5406 and 606.218.5409

What is the Office of Admissions fax number?
The fax number is 606.218.5405.

What is the average MCAT score?
The average MCAT score for recent entering classes was 25 (previous version); 500 (MCAT 2015).

What is the average GPA of KYCOM applicants?
The average science GPA was 3.4 and the average cumulative GPA was 3.5 for the recent entering classes.

How can I find out about housing for KYCOM students?
There are various resources available to the incoming class to assist in finding housing in and around Pikeville that may be obtained from KYCOM admissions staff. At this time, the University of Pikeville does not provide housing for KYCOM students.

Is there a preference for students from Appalachia?
KYCOM gives preference to students from Kentucky, the Appalachian region and from other medically underserved areas that will help KYCOM fulfill its mission.
How do I send letters of recommendation to UP-KYCOM?
Letters can be sent by Interfolio, Virtual Evals, or mailed or faxed directly to the UP-KYCOM admissions office.

What is the mailing address for letters of recommendation?
Mail letters to:
UP-KYCOM Admissions
147 Sycamore Street
Pikeville, KY 41501

Is there a maximum number of letters of recommendation that may be sent?
We require three letters of recommendation, but will accept more.

An application to KYCOM has been submitted through AACOMAS, where is the secondary application from KYCOM?
KYCOM reviews the common application submitted through AACOMAS and emails a secondary application to screened applicants.

What are the application deadlines?
The deadline for the AACOMAS application is February 1. The deadline for the KYCOM Secondary Application is March 1. KYCOM has a rolling admissions policy, however, so apply early.

What are the immunization requirements for KYCOM?
KYCOM, in conjunction with requirements of all hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and/or Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), requires the following immunizations of its students. Applicants must be in full compliance with KYCOM's immunization requirements prior to the beginning of first year orientation.
  • Annual TB test. Any positive result or history of positive results requires an annual chest radiography (x-ray).
  • Annual influenza immunization (received Fall of academic year).
  • Adult Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis vaccine (Tdap) prior to admission, followed by Tetanus toxoid immunization every ten years.
  • Hepatitis B immunity, established by documented antibody titer.
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunity, etsablished by documented anitbody titer.
  • Varicella immunity, established by documented antibody titer.
Where do I complete the FAFSA?
To complete the FAFSA online, go to:

Where can I track my federal student loans?
Your loans can be tracked at:

What is the FAFSA school code for KYCOM?

Can I get a subsidized loan?
As of July 1, 2012, federal subsidized loans will no longer be available to students. Federal unsubsidized loans will still be available.

Are my school loans dependent on credit?
Most unsubsidized federal loans are not dependent on your credit. The Federal Grad PLUS and private loans require a credit check.

How much can I borrow?
Student budgets are established each academic year by the school. The budget includes annual tuition and the cost of living expenses. You may apply for financial aid up to the budgeted amount.

What is the total aggregate federal loan limit?
The federal subsidized and unsubsidized limits are $224,000.

Do I have to apply for financial aid every year?
Yes, you must complete a new FAFSA each year if you are applying for federal loans.

How, and when, do I get my financial aid refund?
You must sign up for direct deposit thought the UPIKE business office. The first refund is generally two weeks after the start of the academic year. The second disbursement is generally within two weeks of the academic year midpoint. The payments will be posted to your UPIKE account for payment of tuition and fees and, if the loan exceeds that amount, a refund will be directly deposited into your banking account.

Can I defer my undergraduate loans while at KYCOM?
Yes, federal loans can be deferred while enrolled as a student. Check with individual lenders for any private loans.

Is online entrance counseling required when completing the Master Promissory Note?
Students who borrow from the Federal Direct Loan Program will complete entrance counseling online when completing the Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Where can I complete the Master Promissory Note?
The MPN can be completed online at You must have a U.S. Department of Education PIN. A PIN can be obtained at:

Does the unsubsidized Master Promissory Note need to be completed yearly?
You only need to complete the MPN once for as long as you remain enrolled at UP-KYCOM.

How often does the Graduate Plus Master Promissory Note need to be completed?
You need to complete the Graduate Plus MPN for each academic year that you wish to apply for the loan.

Who do I contact if I have remaining eligibility for veteran's educational benefits by the state approving agency for use during enrollment in medical school?
Information about VA educational benefits can be found at the following URL:

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