Enrollment Requirements

Criminal Background Checks
KYCOM requires criminal background checks for all students prior to matriculating to KYCOM and prior to the beginning of third-year clinical rotations. Students will be responsible for the expenses involved with this evaluation. The mechanism for evaluation will be determined by the associate deans for student affairs and clinical sciences. Infractions may be referred to the promotion and matriculation committee.

  • Mandatory Self-Reporting for Criminal Behavior – All accepted and currently enrolled medical students are required to promptly (within 10 calendar days) report any criminal charges ever filed against them to the associate dean for student affairs. Criminal behavior includes any felony and misdemeanor violations of the law, but excludes minor traffic violations, such as parking tickets. Any charges that were previously disclosed on the AACOMAS application need not be reported again. Student violations of the law will be reviewed by the associate dean for student affairs in the context of future implications for licensure, threat to patient safety, and the ability to be an appropriate member of the osteopathic medical profession. Depending on the nature and severity of the criminal offense, student suspension or dismissal is possible. If warranted, the associate dean for student affairs may refer the matter to the promotion and matriculation committee.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
KYCOM requires a urine screen for drugs and alcohol immediately after matriculation with KYCOM and prior to the beginning of third-year clinical clerkships. Students are responsible for the expense involved with this evaluation. Positive findings will be reviewed by the associate dean for student affairs and/or the associate dean for clinical sciences. Further evaluation by external professional consultants may be required. A positive test result may become grounds for dismissal.

  • Drug Testing on Demand – Any student may be required to submit to drug and or alcohol testing based on reasonable suspicion.

Health Insurance
KYCOM students must maintain personal health insurance throughout their enrollment and present documentation of health insurance coverage to the KYCOM Office of Student Affairs prior to the start of each academic year. KYCOM students are responsible for the costs of their health insurance. In addition, students are solely responsible for their medical bills. The college assumes no responsibility to seek reductions or waivers with any health services received by students. Students must be free from any outstanding medical debts from the college’s affiliated hospitals or clinics prior to receiving a diploma.

KYCOM, in conjunction with requirements of all hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and/or Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), requires the following immunizations:

  • Annual TB skin test: Any positive result or history of positive results requires an annual chest radiography (x-ray).
  • Hepatitis B immunization series of three immunizations plus a titer measurement that indicates immunity is present.
  • Tetanus toxoid immunization (within 10 years of matriculation date).
  • Proof of Varicella and Rubella immunity (established by two reported dates of vaccination and documented antibody titer).
  • Annual influenza vaccination.
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