Goals & Objectives
Teaching & Learning
Goal: To foster an effective and integrative learning-centered environment that provides opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth for students, staff and faculty; implementing innovative educational programs enabling graduates to possess entry level standards for the full scope practice of optometry in areas of rural America.

  • Recruit and retain exceptional faculty
  • Nurture tenets of lifelong learning and educational curiosity
  • Integrate advanced technologies into the education process
  • Ensure current and continuously updated lecture and laboratory content
  • Promote faculty mentoring for every student
  • Develop critical thinking by incorporating higher levels of learning such as application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  • Promote, facilitate and reward faculty continuing education, learning and professional development to ensure the most current knowledge is presented to the students
  • Incorporate virtual learning technologies into the educational strategies
  • Increase faculty development opportunities for active and collaborative learning, service, education, integration of social justice and other innovative strategies used in teaching
  • Embrace religious and cultural diversity within the profession of optometry and the broader community
  • Provide information technology training for faculty, staff and students
  • Develop pathways to maximize exposure to diverse clinical educational experiences for every student
  • Coordinate a system of accountability and intervention whereby every student has the opportunity to reach his or her educational and professional potential
  • Provide a broad spectrum of patient encounters and practice modalities to the students and faculty
  • Develop advanced surgical ophthalmic and laser operative skills
  • Construct a pathway for personal growth and development as an integral piece of the four-year curriculum and facilitate regular student contact with the tenets of the University of Pikeville mission of access
  • Incorporate current knowledge and ongoing advances in genomics in didactic and clinical instruction
  • Develop an understanding of providing professional services specifically to the underserved
  • Understand the health care cultures characteristic of the rural areas of the country
Patient Care
Goal: To provide culturally sensitive, patient-centered, comprehensive and accessible vision care in an integrated clinical curriculum.

  • Optimize the development of clinical skills and critical thinking in all clinical personnel
  • Establish initiatives to develop and enhance good clinical practice in all clinical personnel
  • Emphasize the application of evidence-based clinical standards of care
  • Provide exceptional vision care to rural optometry in Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky and across rural America
  • Create a clinical environment that is sensitive to the cultural and socioeconomic needs of every patient particularly in a rural setting
  • Promote programs that emphasize community-based clinical eye care services
  • Develop and enhance faculty clinical skills in contemporary clinical technologies including applications of genomics in health care
  • Create a clinical environment whereby the mission and goals of the educational program is fully integrated into the patient care model
  • Provide a safe, secure and confidential clinical environment
  • Create and nurture the concept of rural optometry
  • Immerse the faculty and optometry student in the delivery of care in rural clinic settings
Vision Research
Goal: To foster research and scholarly activity as a foundation for exceptional clinical care in rural environments with limited or no access to medical or vision care.

  • Implement systems of recognition and support for faculty research and scholarship, including evaluation, promotion, travel grants and sabbaticals
  • Provide direct research support such as time, space, equipment and staff
  • Encourage and facilitate faculty participation in collaborative and externally funded research
  • Develop, support and promote student research and scholarship
  • Promote collaborative and mentoring relationships for research and scholarly activity with other entities of higher learning, including the main University of Pikeville campus and the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Encourage research which discovers the implications of vision care in rural America
  • Encourage research that demonstrates the impact of access to good vision care on the quality of life in rural areas of Appalachia and rural America
  • Pursue research which creates the health care delivery models best suited to the rural environment
  • Pursue research projects and collaborations which explore application of human genomics, proteomics and/or glycomics to prediction and prevention of visual conditions and ocular disease
  • Quantify the advantages of interprofessional collaboration in patient care in rural America

Community and Public Service
Goal: To enable and support faculty, students and staff to nurture, sustain, and further the mission of the university in serving the local and broader communities of Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky.

  • Promote student and faculty leadership in service and mission activities, to include vision and health care screenings
  • Incorporate ethics, social justice and service learning into the optometric curriculum
  • Deliver patient care consistent with the faith-based principles of our founding fathers
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of diversity and cultural sensitivity
  • Plan and implement an infrastructure for disaster relief initiatives
  • Serve as a knowledgeable vision care resource to the broader community
  • Provide a public service to the University of Pikeville community: administration, faculty, students and alumni
  • Emphasize the active participation in service, non-profit, faith-based and professional organizations
  • Appreciate the responsibility of giving back to the community as respected members of society
  • Promote rural practice venues following graduation for the delivery of their optometric skills
  • Document the impact on the vision care of the region due to the Kentucky College of Optometry
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