Corporate Relations

Corporations have historically served as major supporters of the University of Pikeville. Companies believe in the mission of the University of Pikeville because they view it as a very important resource, and they invest in it to ensure that its future is secure. Each year, the University of Pikeville sends over 100 graduates into the work world, many of which rise to the very pinnacles of success within their chosen disciplines.

How Corporations Give

Gifts from corporations take many forms, often depending on the company’s interests and the University’s needs. While some companies give cash, others make gifts of equipment and software to upgrade teaching and research laboratories and faculty offices. The Development Office’s Corporate Relations program can assist in the grant process. Examples of gifts from corporations include:

  • Scholarships and fellowships; financial aid that can be named for a company or company foundation.
  • New curriculum development to help ensure student education is current.
  • Pre-IPO stock from start-ups.
  • Research support in the form of cash, equipment or fellowship assistance in a field or discipline close to a company’s interests.
  • Software and equipment, ranging from computers to manufacturing laboratory numerical control devices.
  • Building and laboratory construction or upgrading.
  • Partnership gifts that assist with operating costs.
  • Chairs and other endowments to ensure the long-term viability of much needed resources.
  • Corporate matching funds for employees, retirees and directors.

The Tax Advantages

Gifts are fully tax deductible in the year they are made. If appreciated securities or other property is given, the charitable tax deduction is based on the market value, not the cost basis. While the value is determined by the giver, the University of Pikeville will be pleased to acknowledge gifts through appropriate IRS forms.

Matching Gifts

Companies, subsidiaries, divisions and businesses nationwide match employee contributions to higher education. Gifts to the University may be increased (sometimes doubled or tripled) when your company matches gifts. Contributions from spouses or retired employees may also be matched. Please ask your employer or the University to determine if your company has a gift matching program.

Gift Stewardship

The University of Pikeville will track progress and provide annual reports on the application of corporate funds toward stated purposes. Where gifts are part of an endowment arrangement, a full report on the investment of funds will be made.

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