Patricia A. Kowalok

Chair, Division of Humanities
Professor of Art 

Office: Armington 457
Telephone: 606.218.5758

Advanced Drawing
Art History - Ancient to Medieval
Art History - Renaissance to 1850
Art History - 1850 to Modern
Art History - Non-Western
Basic Drawing
Intermediate Drawing
Painting 1 and 2
Senior Seminar
Special Topics: Making Artist Books

Master of Fine Arts
University of Iowa

Master of Arts
University of Iowa

Bachelor of Art
Universiy of Iowa

The MacDowell Colony
The Millay Colony
The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, Pennsylvania
Mr. Phil Desind of Baltimore, Maryland

Ms. Kowalok is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. Prior to teaching in Pikeville, she taught at branch campuses of both Penn State and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Kowalok resides in Pikeville with her daughter, Anna, and their dog, Buddy. She enjoys reading, gardening and in general - making things.

Brigitte L. Anderson

Professor of English 

Office: Armington 454
Telephone: 606.218.5021

Advanced Concepts
American Literature I and II
Composition I and II
Honors Composition
Introduction to Literature
Literary Criticism
Special Topics in Genres, American Authors
World Literature

Doctor of Philosophy in English
Bowling Green State University

Master of Arts in German
Bowling Green State University

Master of Arts in English
Bowling Green State University

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Higher Education Resource Service Institute Bryn Mawr, 2008
Appalachian College Association Faculty-Student Travel Award, London and Paris, 2007
William Wade and Helen Record Walker Teaching Excellence Award, Pikeville College, 1992, 2005
Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Salzburg Seminar, 2003
Appalachian College Association Faculty-Student Travel Award, England and Scotland, 2002

Dr. Anderson is a native of Wesel, Germany, who graduated from high schools both in Germany and California. She completed her undergraduate studies in Germany before moving to Ohio to earn two master's degrees as well as her Ph.D. She has taught at the University of Pikeville since 1987, serving as Humanities Division chair from 1996-2016. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, the theater and winter evenings with a good book and her dogs at her feet.

Sumer Bingham

Assistant Professor of Religion 

Office: Armington 428 B
Telephone: 606.218.5008

Old Testament Introduction
New Testament Introduction
World’s Great Living Religions
Apocalyptic Literature

Master of Arts in Religious Studies (with merit)
University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religion and Psychology
Pikeville College

Sumer Bingham is originally from Elkhorn City, Ky. Upon completing her undergraduate degree she moved to England to study and travel for a year. She completed her graduate degree with merit classification and acted as the graduate student representative during the duration of her stay. Bingham returned home to Kentucky in 2013 and was first employed as an adjunct and then as a visiting Instructor of Religion at the University of Pikeville. She plans to start her doctoral work in 2015. Her study interests include Asian religions, spirituality, religious identity, the historical formation and transformation of religious ideologies, religion in popular culture and the psychology of religion. In addition to her Ph.D. Studies, she encourages students to travel abroad and hopes to work closely with colleagues and lead a class to England and Ireland soon. When she’s not planning her next trip, Bingham enjoys spending time with her dog, attending Zumba classes, watching Doctor Who and curling up with a good book.

James C. Browning

Professor of Religion 

Office: Armington 431
Telephone: 606.218.5026
The Carol Grizzard Project

History of the Christian Church
Interdisciplinary Humanities
Introduction to Philosophy
Life and Teachings of Jesus
New Testament Introduction
Old Testament Introduction
Philosophy of Religion
Prophets, Poets and Sages
Religion and Science
Religion in America
Religion Senior Seminar
Religions of Asia
Spirituality in the World’s Religions
The Saga of Israel
World Mythology
World’s Great Living Religions

Ph.D. in Religion
Baylor University

Masters in Religious Education
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Religion
Ouachita Baptist University

“The Bible Through Many Eyes: How Jews, Muslims, and Hindus Read the Bible.” In Nelson’s Guide to Denominations. Ed. J. Gordon Melton (Thomas Nelson, 2007.)

“Seasons of Relationships: The Goodness of Human Love.” Pulpit Digest, May / June 1998.

“What Will They Tell Harold? (contemporary retelling of the Christmas Story).” Pulpit Digest November / December 1996.

Columns on World Religions for

Founders of Religions Were Virtuosos

Confucius Offered Vision of Social Harmony

Lao-tze Urged Creative Simplicity

Founders of the World Religions: The Buddha

The Story of Incarnation: Krishna

Buddhism in the United States

Ramadan and Lent: A Time for Fasting

Muslims Voice Outrage after 9/11

Hinduism Was Wellspring of Gandhi’s Ethic

Absolutism, Relativism, and the Third Way

Four Faiths Divided by Monotheism

Purim: Celebrating Freedom from Oppression

Was Gandhi Saved? (A Survey of Christian Attitudes Towards Other Faiths)

Spirituality a Buzz Word

Interfaith Dialog Takes Different Forms

Understanding Toxic Religions

Religions Strive for Elusive Peace

Telling the Gospel Story Without Defaming Jews

"Will of God" Concept Foreign to Eastern Religions

William Wade and Helen Record Walker Teaching Excellence Award, Second Place. 2013 and 2007.

Dr. Browning is a native of Hope, Ark. He has been an interfaith consultant, a pastor and an adjunct seminary professor before coming to Pikeville College in 2004. His research interests include the classical world religions and religion in America, along with the philosophies and spiritualities of the world’s religions. He reads for fun both fiction (science fiction, fantasy and novels) and non-fiction (history, science). He enjoys both nature photography and hiking.

Petra Carroll

Associate Professor of Art 

Office: Record Memorial 406 B
Telephone: 606.218.5759

Art Appreciation
Two-Dimensional Design
Three-Dimensional Design
Sculpture I & II
Special Topics in Art (Installation, Jewelry Making and Design, Conceptual Art and Cross Discipline Art)
Independent Directed Studies (Studio Studies and Internships)

BA from Rutgers College in New Jersey
BFA from Winthrop University in South Carolina
MFA from Winthrop University in South Carolina

Petra Carroll has lived in a variety of places across the United States, including Texas, New York, North Carolina and Kentucky. She currently resides in Pikeville and works as an assistant professor of art at the University of Pikeville. Carrol’s professional experience includes business, galley work, teaching and art.

Karen Dollinger

Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Office: Armington 320
Telephone: 606.218.5013

Elementary Spanish Intermediate Spanish
Spanish Grammar, Composition and Reading
Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature
Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
Civilization and Culture of Latin America
Civilization and Culture of Spain
Studies in Spanish American Essay: Chronicles of the Indies
Latin American Fantasy and Science Fiction
(in English) Latin American Studies: Colonial Latin America

Ph.D., Spanish
Focus: Latin American Literatures and Cultures
Minor: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Ohio State University

Master of Arts in Spanish
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

Bachelor of Science in Spanish Education
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

Bachelor of Philosophy;
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

Karen Dollinger was born in Rochester, N.Y., and grew up in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Miami University and OSU, and taught five years at Miami. She has also taught at various locations around Ohio.

Dollinger spent four months as a student at the Universidad de las Américas in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, and a week in Cuba. She also spent several weeks in Mexico City doing research in the Archivo General de la Nación for her dissertation on the Mexican Inquisition.

Dollinger’s hobbies include storytelling, harp playing (badly), folk music, fiction writing, watching science fiction and soap operas on television, and attending science fiction conventions and living history events, especially of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. She also enjoys hiking and exploring new places.

Sydney C. England

Associate Professor of English 

Office: Armington 425
Telephone: 606.218.5602

Composition and Literature

Master of Arts in English
Morehead State University

Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education
Pikeville College

Developmental Education Specialist Certification, Kellogg Institute, Appalachian State University

I have lived in eastern Kentucky most of my life and feel a strong attachment to the University and its liberal arts mission. I began my undergraduate degree here in 1971, and have seen many changes since I began teaching here in 1998.  My academic interests are primarily literacy and language, and my commitment to my students echoes the mission of the University. I strongly believe that the archives from every society, present and past, includes abundant evidence that the spiritual nurturing of its members is as important as the physical nurturing. The very human will to live and to prosper and to commit to service to others is inspired by the humanities -- by faith, by language, by music and art.  Moreover, I believe the will to live and prosper and to commit to service to others is the atomic energy that generates invention. I live in Pikeville, and  when I am not pontificating in classrooms, I enjoy reading, writing and day-trips with good friends and family.

Hannah C. Freeman

Director of Experiential Learning
Associate Professor of English

Office: Armington 455
Telephone: 606.218.5014

British Survey I
British Survey II
British Women Writers
Introduction to Women’s Literature
Literature and Place
The Pastoral Novel

Ph.D. in English
University of Kentucky

Certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies
University of Kentucky

M.A. in English
Western Carolina University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Freeman studies 19th and 20th century British literature. She is interested in women writers such as George Eliot, Emily Bronte, Olive Schreiner and Jean Rhys, and how these authors explore their relationship to place. Through reading and discussion, Dr. Freeman hopes to encourage curiosity, inquiry and reflection and to promote sympathy and understanding in her students. Dr. Freeman advocates social and environmental awareness and hopes to empower her students to better their own communities. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside with her dog, riding her horse, watching movies and traveling when she can.

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching, University of Kentucky, 2008
College of Arts and Sciences Award for Outstanding Teaching, University of Kentucky, 2008
Bonnie Jean Cox Graduate Research Endowment in Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Kentucky, 2008

“Opium Use and Romantic Women’s Poetry.” South Central Review. Spring/Summer 29.1-2. (2012): 1-20.

“Dissolution and Landscape in Olive Schreiner’s The Story of An African Farm.” English Studies in Africa 52.2 (2009).
Dr. Freeman has presented at numerous conferences on British literature in the nineteenth century including Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, British Women Writers Conference and College of English Association Conference.

Charles Johnson

Assistant Professor of English

Office: Armington 436
Telephone: 606.218.5113

English Composition I
English Composition II
Special Topics: Short Story Survey

Ph.D. in English
The University of Southern Mississippi

Kentucky Teaching Certification 6-12

M.A. in English
Morehead State University

B.A. in English
Morehead State University

DAVID, a collection of short stories revolving around a small mining community in East Kentucky. Under construction.

“Mailboxes” Delirium.

“Editorial” Product 15.

“Epcot” Product 14.

“Contemporary Fiction” Philological Association of Louisiana Conference, Nicholls State University.

“Swimming With the Manatee” Product 13.

“Randall Argyle Joins the Band” First Opps.

“The Composition Workshop” Morehead State University Conference on Composition and Literature.

Dr. Johnson is a native of East Kentucky. He has taught writing for Morehead State University, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Louisiana State University. He has also taught Sophomore, Junior, and Senior English in Kentucky High Schools. And, he has been an academic administrator for both Morehead State University and Hazard Community and Technical College.

He is interested in Regional, Appalachian, and Southern Fiction, in particular the writings of Jesse Stuart, James Still, and Eudora Welty. He also enjoys the plays of Tennessee Williams and Tom Stoppard, is an amateur film historian, sketches and paints with watercolors, and plays golf, tennis, and guitar in his spare time.

Rob Musick

Campus Chaplain
Instructor of Religion

Office: Record Memorial 602 (next to chapel)
Telephone: 606.218.5762

Introduction to the New Testament
First Year Studies

Pursuing Doctor of Ministry Degree
Methodist School of Theology in Ohio/Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Graduate Research in Comparative Religions
University of Madras, Chennai, India

Master of Arts in Practical Theology
Ashland Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries
Mount Vernon Nazarene University

I love the way that Jesus was open and available to all people so that everyone could know that God is love. Jesus was a servant of love and I am passionate about growing and helping others grow in this gracious and expressive love. As chaplain, I seek to empower others to engage their studies with all of their heart and mind while also serving their community with a servant’s heart. Living the faith and being gracious to all are keys to my vision for the UPIKE campus.
I believe that a chaplain’s call is to: be gracious and hospitable to all beliefs, help shape spiritual formation, provide pastoral care, companion with others in finding their life’s work, and creating a network of community/global servants who seek to live out the social justice heart of Jesus.
Everyone is welcome in my office! Please stop by and visit with me. I would love to get to know you.

Rob considers himself a very blessed person. He is the proud parents of two daughters (Moriah and Lottie) and an energetic son, Hosea and they love living in Pikeville. Prior to joining the UPIKE family, Rob served as a hospice chaplain, local pastor and missionary. Rob loves spending time with his kids, reading, and hanging out.

Michael Phillips, Ph.D.

Director of Bands 

Office: Administration 1st Floor
Telephone: 606.218.5740

Wind Band
Athletic/Marching Bands
Intro. to Business of Music
Instrumental Band Lessons and Pedagogy

Doctor of Philosophy in Music
University of Florida

Master of Science
University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana

Bachelor of Music
Crane School of Music State
University of New York at Potsdam

Additional Studies Include:
Syracuse University
State University of New York at Binghamton
State University of New York at Buffalo

UPIKE Summer Music Growling Sessions
Host to the 2018 AIM Summer Music Camp
Band Day – Hype Day with the Bears Fall 2018
UPIKE BB Jam Band!
Master Artist Workshop Series
UPIKE Rocks!
Tuba Christmas
MEDS (Music Educators Deserve Support – PD Workshop for Teachers)
Advancement for Music Performance Lab (AMP)
Music Industry Program at UPIKE
Band Vision 2018
Might FIVE Drum VIBE

KMEA (Kentucky Music Educators Association)
AMEA (Alabama Music Educators Association)
GMEA (Georgia Music Educators Association)
FBA (Florida Bandmasters Association)
FMEA (Florida Music Educators Association)
NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association)
NYSSBDA (2nd VP , 1st VP, and President Elect)
     (NYS School Band Directors)
CMS (College Music Society)
NBA (National Band Association)
WASBE (World Association of Symphonic Band & Ensembles)
JEN (Jazz Education Network)
NAfME (National Association for Music Education)
NEA (Natioanal Education Association)
Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Dr. Phillips is native of Western NY, and is in his third decade of professional teaching. He holds teaching certifications in NYS, FL, and GA. As a public school teacher his ensembles have achieved ‘Superior with Distinction’ in both wind band and jazz. His university experience includes performances at BOA, 3 bowls games, multiple tours with the NCAA basketball tournament and championships, Carnegie Hall, and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. His experience also expands to the music industry where his positions included being a national product specialist, retail & service manager, and corporate division manager in music education. His industry experience has taken him to the NAMM conference as well as training with multiple international music product companies where his most memorable was times spent with Vito Pascucci (Leblanc) and multiple projects with the Yamaha team. Dr. Phillips is a past executive member of the New York State Band Directors Association where he proudly served as VP 2 (membership), VP 1 (Symposium Coordinator), and President Elect before pursuing his Ph.D.

Dr. Phillips received his Bachelor of Music degree from the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam in Music Education and the Business of Music, Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana in Music Education and Computer Assisted Instruction in Music/Instrumental Conducting, and his Ph.D. at the University of Florida in Music Education and Instrumental Conducting. He is a proud past recipient of the NAMM scholarship, music technology assistantship at UI, and a doctoral associate at UF that included 3 years of Gator Band/athletic band, brass techniques, music education methods, student teaching supervision, conducted every wind band at the university, trumpet ensemble, media technician for the Digital Worlds Institute, jazz ensemble, and teaching the History of Jazz online.

Dr. Phillips’ research includes the Role and Value of Transcriptions for the Wind Band and has been a guest conductor for the Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival, Macon Youth Symphony, various Jazz and Wind Band Honor bands throughout NYS, has presented at the Jazz Education Network (Louisville) and multiple cNAfME programs, and has been a clinician and adjudicator in wind band, jazz, and marching band in NY, FL, AL, and GA.

Dr. Phillips is proud of many of his former students who range from champion individual DCI soloists, university drum majors, successful music teachers, leaders in the music industry, active in the medical field, business managers and motivators, and much more.

Andrew D. Reed

Program Director of Film & Media Arts
Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts

Office: Community Technology Center 130
Telephone: 606.218.5972

Digital Media
Digital Film Production
Advanced Broadcasting

M.F.A. in Drama
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

M.A. in Telecommunication and Film
The University of Alabama

B.S. in Communication Arts
The University of North Alabama

A.A. in Art
Northwest Shoals Community College

I'm with Phil (2014)
University Film & Video Association Annual Conference 2014: Award of Merit (Top Prize) in the Documentary Feature Category
DocMiami2014: Nominated for Most Inspirational Film
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 2012: Best of Show, Best Director, Best Feature Film, Sweet Home Alabama Award

"Old Timer" (2014)
University of New Orleans Film Festival 2014: Best Silent Film

"Making More Off of Less" (2010)
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 2012: Best Professional Short Documentary

University of Alabama - 2009 Graduate Fellow

University Film & Video Association

Andrew Reed is from the small town of Phil Campbell, Ala., and he has been working in the field of video production since 2005. He Has worked on a variety of award-winning films and has taught video production courses at three different universities. Currently Reed's first feature-length film, I'm with Phil, is beginning its festival run and his recent short narrative "Old Timer" has screned at nine festivals across the world. He is currently working on three additional documentary projects: "Titanic Boy", "The Peach Man", and "While I Still Can".

James A. Riley

Professor of English 

Office: Armington 456
Telephone: 606.218.5010

Advanced Composition
Advanced Journalism
American Literature Survey I & II
British Literature Survey II
Contemporary Short Story
Creative Writing
Freshman Composition I & II
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Journalism
James Joyce Seminar
Modern American Short Story
Modern Novel
William Faulkner Seminar

Ph.D. Modern British and American Literature
Ohio University

M.A. English Literature
University of Arkansas

B.A. Major: History; Minor: Journalism
University of Central Arkansas

Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council 1988, 1999
Individual Artists Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council 1987
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship 1991
Now and Then Fiction Contest Achievement Award 1995, 1999
Now and Then Poetry Contest Achievement Award 1998
Who's Who Among America's Teachers 1999, 2007
Who's Who in the South and Southwest 1998

Appalachian Heritage.
Crazy River.
The Connecticut Review.
The Greensboro Review.
Journal of Kentucky Studies.
Kentucky Monthly.
The Kentucky Review.
Kentucky Voices: A Collection of Contemporary Kentucky Short Stories.
The Louisville Review.
Now & Then: The Appalachian Magazine.
The Pikeville Review.
West Branch.

Amanda Jo Runyon

Assistant Professor of English 

Office: Armington 304
Telephone: 606.218.5345



Jonathan Schott

Director of Choral Activities 
Instructor of Music

Office: Record Memorial Building 403
Telephone: 606.218.5770

Basic Music Theory/Music Skill
Music Appreciation: World Music
Private Voice
Concert Choir

Master of Music
Bachelor of Music Education – Choral Minor

Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant

A native of Michigan and the son of two English teachers, Jonathan Schott received his musical education from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. While there he became the choral director at First Presbyterian Church and developed a reputation for humorous, high-energy choral rehearsals. His favorite composers include Johannes Brahms and Ola Gjeilo. He is passionate about the field of choral conducting. He believes hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard and centers his teaching philosophy around teaching students to reap the benefits of hard work fueled by passion and patience.

His hobbies include video games and dancing, and he is a fervent fanatic of Dragon Ball Z. Schott values his personal faith and the bond he shares with those he loves; be they friend or family.

Ella Smith-Justice

Associate Professor of Spanish 

Office: Armington 321
Telephone: 606.218.5049

Culture of Mexico
Contemprary Issues in the Spanish-speaking World
Civilization & Culture of Latin America
Culture of Spain
Elementary Spanish I & II
First Year Studies Seminar
Foreign Language Teaching Seminar
History of the Spanish Language
Intermediate Spanish I & II
Intermediate and Advanced Oral & Written Expression
Intermediate and Advanced Grammar, Composition, & Reading
Intensive Spanish Review Courses
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Introduction to Spanish Phonetics
Spanish Language Translation
Spanish Senior Capstone
Survey of Latin American Literature
Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature

PhD from The Ohio State University

Foreign, Second, & Multilingual Language Education
from the School of Teaching & Learning in the College of Education & Human Ecology

Master of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics
The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish & History
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Ella Smith-Justice grew up in central Appalachia. She hails from Clintwood, Va., – a tiny town in southwestern Virginia near the Virginia-Kentucky border. She spent her college days at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise and received her master’s degree from The Ohio State University. A Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State, she is presently working on her dissertation about foreign language teaching in central Appalachia. Ella has taught Spanish at the University of Pikeville since 2006 and loves teaching and continuing to learn about the world with the students who find their way to the top of the 99.

Recipient of the John B. Stephenson Faculty Fellowship (Appalachian College Association, 2012-13)
second place recipient of the William Wade and Helen Record Walker Award for Teaching Excellence (Pikeville College, 2009)

- Dissertation: Foreign language teacher self-efficacy: A descriptive study of high school foreign language teachers in central Appalachia 
- foreign language teaching and learning in rural contexts (with focus on central Appalachia)
- foreign language teacher self-efficacy
- foreign language learner self-efficacy
- pre-service foreign language teacher education and training

- continuing foreign language teacher education
- information literacy and fluency in foreign language teaching and learning
- global literacy in rural contexts (with focus on central Appalachia)
- the role of technology in foreign language teaching and learning

Alpha Mu Gamma, Nu Chi Chapter (UPIKE faculty advisor)
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL – national professional association)
Big Sandy Spanish Teachers Association (local professional association)
Darden Society (institutional honor society, UVa-Wise)
Phi Alpha Theta (national history honor society)
Sigma Delta Pi (national Spanish honor society)

Jennifer Steigerwalt

Assistant Professor of English 

Office: Armington 453
Telephone: 606.218.5117

British Survey I
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Literary Criticism
Theatre History

Ph.D. in English
Arizona State University

MFA in Directing: Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance
The American Shakespeare Center and Mary Baldwin College ]

M.Litt in Teaching: Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance
The American Shakespeare Center and Mary Baldwin College

B.A. in English and History
Mount Holyoke College

American Association of University Women
Modern Language Association
Shakespeare Association of America
Sigma Tau Delta

American Association of University Women’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2011-2012
Carpenter Foundation Grant, Mary Baldwin College, 2002-2006
University Graduate Scholar Award & Fellowship, Arizona State University, 2006-2009

“Performing Race on the Original Practices Stage: A Call to Action.” Shakespeare Bulletin. Fall 2009. 425-535.

Steigerwalt has presented at literature and theatre conferences including the Shakespeare Association of America Conference and the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Conference.

Jenna Steigerwalt studies early modern British literature with an interest in drama and performance. She hopes to foster communication and activism on such topics as race and gender by making connections to and through these culturally-valued texts. Steigerwalt has been involved in numerous theatrical productions, both amateur and professional, in such positions as director, stage manager and dramaturg. In her spare time, Steigerwalt enjoys knitting, spinning and playing hockey.

Phillip Todd Westgate, DMA

Professor of Music 

Office: Record Memorial 405
Telephone: 606.218.5738

Music Theory I, II
Music Literature I, II
Class Piano I, II
Music Appreciation: Classical
Music Appreciation: American Music
Applied Piano
Collaborative Piano

Doctorate of Musical Arts
University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

Master of Music 
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Bachelor of Science/Music Education
Kansas State University, Manhattan

Post Doctoral Study
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Dr. Westgate grew up in Manhattan, Kan., and began playing the pipe organ for Mass at age 13. In undergraduate and graduate school he majored in music education and keyboard performance. He is a solo and collaborative pianist/organist. His students have been successful in many levels of competitions as well as holding positions as church musicians and professionals in higher education and other areas of the musical world. His favorite composers are Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. His philosophy of education is that higher education should be about gaining knowledge and when the answer to any question is not readily available, one must know where to go to look for that answer or be able create their own answer based on logic and analysis. He maintains a private organ and piano studio in the Pikeville area.

Kimberly Willard

Assistant Professor of Theatre 

Office: Armington 309
Telephone: 606.218.5000

Kim Willard is an actress, teacher, director, conductor, wife and mom and has worked in the theatre for more than 20 years. Her educational credentials include a bachelor's degree in music education from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and an master of fine arts degree from the Actor’s Studio Drama School in New York City. Willard has directed, music-directed, and performed in numerous productions, and has appeared Off-Broadway at The Lion Theatre, The Tank and Dance New Amsterdam. In 2007, she was awarded a Grammy in Washington, DC for the nationally-recognized music and theatre curriculum she created at Chesnee High School in rural South Carolina. She is currently the director of education for Jenny Wiley Theatre in Pikeville and the minister of music for Pikeville United Methodist Church.

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