Internal university events are not charged a deposit or room rental fees. 

External event clients are subject to the standard room rental fees and rates. Prices reflect current applicable taxes and are subject to change. Total charges (not including catering) are estimated prior to the event and a $250 non-refundable deposit is required in advance. Additional charges include rental items, technical equipment and support, and or other miscellaneous charges may be calculated after the event and added to the final invoice. 

Interior Event Space Capacity Daily Rental
Booth Auditorium 698 $600
Booth Lobby 200 $200
Booth Auditorium & Lobby 898 $650
UPIKE Gym 1,700 $750
Community Technology Center Room 134 16 $100
Walters Room 40 $100
City View Cafe 400 $500
Student Lounge 190 $150
Health Professions Education Building Pavilion 663 $1,000
Health Professions Education Building Lobby 100 $500

Exterior Event Space Capacity Daily Rental
Benefactor's Plaza 200 $200
Allara Courtyard 200 $125

Staffing Rates Rate (Four-hour minimum)
Housekeeping $24 per hour
IT Personnel $35 per hour
Equipment Rate
5' Round Table $10
32" Cocktail Tables $10
Classroom Tables $10
8' Tables $10
Stacking Chairs $2
Folding Chairs $2
Projector & Screen $75
AV Cart $25
Laptop Computer $100
Linens $10
Black Drape $5
8' Poles & Bases $5
Columns System $250
Podium $75
Wireless Microphones $25
Chandelier $350

If any event, internal or external, requires equipment or technology that needs to be rented through an outside company, the University of Pikeville Conference and Event Services department will bill back all related costs directly to the client and provide a copy of the invoice for record keeping.

For catering rates, please contact Aramark at (606) 218-5033.

The University of Pikeville will send a final invoice, if one is necessary, to the client within five days of completion of the event. Payment is due in full the day of the event. If the organization has a credit due, the university will issue a refund to the organization within 30 days of completion of the event.

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