Exit Exams

Exit Exams are a requirement for those students receiving a bachelor or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  Successful completion of all institutional and departmental assessments are a graduation requirement.
The University’s accrediting agencies require institutions to assess their programs.  UPIKE uses feedback from nationally normed assessments to improve courses and programs.  Students can use individual scores to support application for graduate/professional school, employment, scholarships, or personal improvement.
Institutional Assessments
ETS (Educational Testing Service) Proficiency Profile (36 questions online-proctored exam times for 40 minutes covering Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities).
Departmental Assessments
MFT (Major Field Test) – A 2-hour, in-depth online proctored assessment that covers all aspects of the major field.  MFT is required for Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, English, Mathematics, Psychology, and Sociology.  The MBA is a 3-hour assessment.
These online-proctored assessments are administered on-campus in March/April and October/November. You will be contacted by email outlining dates, times, and locations.

Your best effort can provide an accurate assessment of your achievement.
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