Commencement Attire Instructions

A cap, gown, and tassel are the official regalia worn by all candidates at the commencement ceremony.

  • You are responsible for ordering your cap and gown (tassel included) through the University Bookstore no later than March 1st from the following link:
  • Iron or steam your gown.  Use a very low heat setting or ask a dry cleaner to steam it for you.
  • To ensure that your cap and gown fit properly, be sure to try them on before graduation day.  Please try the gown while you are in both a seated and standing position to ensure your comfort throughout the ceremony.
  • Ladies should wear dark shoes with a low heel (no sandals, flip-flops, or running shoes) and a comfortable dress or black dress slacks.  Jewelry should be small so it does not detract from the attire.
  • Men should wear dark dress slacks, a shirt with dark tie, and dark dress shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, or running shoes). Remember…Men are to remove caps during prayer and presentation of colors.
  • Tassels are to be worn on the right side of your cap until you are asked to move them to the left side by the president upon conferral.
  • PLEASE do not chew gum! Also, do not carry in personal belongings (i.e. a bag, food, cell phone, games, etc.)
Hooding Instructions for Master Candidates
You will proceed to the hooding station to receive your hood from a representative from the Coleman College of Business or Patton College of Education who will place the hood over your head and around your neck.
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