Criteria for Admission to any Undergraduate Teacher Education

Program: Clinical I

General Requirements
  1. The applicant must be enrolled at the University of Pikeville.
  2. The applicant must submit a formal application for admission to the Patton College of Education.  Applications must be submitted no later than February 1 to be considered for fall admission.
  3. The applicant must have an overall, non-rounded grade point average of 2.75 or higher at the University of Pikeville.
  4. The applicant must have on file in the Patton College of Education a signed and dated Verification of Federal Background Check from the district where the candidate will be placed for Clinical I and Clinical II and a Child Abuse and Neglect Check.   These reports must not show any convictions that would disallow the candidate from serving as an employee in the school district.  The district will decide if the candidate’s background check is appropriate for placement in the district for Clinical I and Clinical II.
  5. The applicant must submit a completed and signed character and fitness questionnaire contained in Section III of the CA-1.
  6. The candidate must submit a valid and current physical examination report including tuberculin test.
  7. The applicant must sign a declaration acknowledging awareness of information required for certification in the state of Kentucky.
  8. The applicant must present evidence of liability insurance by presenting current membership in KEA-SP or another organization that provides comparable insurance.
  9. The applicant must keep the address, phone number, level of certification, area of specialization, and other changeable information up-to-date in the Education Office.
  10. The applicant must be admitted by the Teacher Education Committee, which has representation from the University and public school system.
General Knowledge
  1. The applicant must demonstrate competency in basic literacy skills by:
  1. Obtaining Kentucky required passing scores on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  2. Completing all required courses in general knowledge with a minimum, non-rounded GPA of 2.75.
  3. Completing each of the following courses with a course grade of “C” or better:  ENG 111, ENG 112, COM 225, MTH 105 or MTH 113 or MTH 121, and EDU 205.
Specialization Knowledge
  1. The applicant must have completed all required courses in specialization knowledge with a minimum, non-rounded GPA of 2.75 and no course grade lower than a “C.”
  2. The applicant must demonstrate a current and sufficient specialization knowledge of certified content area(s) by earning Kentucky’s passing scores on the required Praxis Multiple Subject /Specialty Area Test(s).
Professional Knowledge
  1. The applicant must have completed all required EDU 100-300 level courses in education with a minimum, non-rounded GPA of 2.75 and no course grade lower than a “C.”
  2. The applicant must demonstrate entry-level professional knowledge of foundations by earning a consensus score of Demonstrates (level 2) or higher on each section of the Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Knowledge of Foundations Professional Interview Rubric.  Education faculty and P-12 teachers/administrators will conduct the interview.
  3. The applicant must have satisfactorily completed Phase A of Clinical Experience by completing all required field experience hours, including documenting contact with students from appropriate diverse demographic groups, for all 100, 200, and 300 level education courses and entered the hours into the Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS).  The University Supervisor will verify hours before admission to Clinical I.
  4. The applicant must demonstrate appropriate characteristics of a preservice teacher by receiving no Level 1 (Rarely or Never ) rating on each section and a positive final recommendation on the Recommendation for Admission to the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program, that includes sections on professional qualities, critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, and collaboration.  An education faculty member, a content faculty member, and a P-12 teacher must complete this evaluation.
  5. The candidate must review and sign a declaration to uphold the Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel defined in 704KAR20:680.
  6. Agree to uphold the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE).
Teacher Competencies
  1. The applicant must demonstrate foundational knowledge of each of the Kentucky Teacher Performance/ InTASC Standards by electronically submitting the Candidate Digital Portfolio (CDP) containing student products reflecting a beginning understanding of each standard and receiving no ratings of Unsatisfactory.  The CDP will be submitted at the end of EDU 328 and will be scored by education faculty prior to admission to Clinical I.
Professional Dispositions
  1. The applicant must have a signed statement indicating understanding and commitment to developing the expected professional dispositions.
  2. The applicant will complete a pre and post self-assessment of the dispositions identified on the Candidate Dispositions Inventory in EDU 100 and EDU 328.
Transfer Students
Transfer students must attend the University of Pikeville for at least one full semester and earn at least twelve semester hours of credit before applying for admission to the Teacher Education Program.  They must then meet the above stated criteria to be admitted.  EDU 100:  Intro to Education as a Profession, EDU 200 Health and Safety for the Classroom Teacher, EDU 328:  Education in Kentucky, and all 400 level education courses must be completed at the University of Pikeville.

Criteria for admission to any undergraduate teacher education program is subject to institutional and state requirement changes.
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