Note that not all forms apply to all prospective cadets. The forms that apply to all cadets interested in contracting with ROTC are preceded by an asterisk (*). It is beneficial to have your forms and required documentation ready as soon as possible in order to prevent delays in processing scholarships, contracts, pay and other incentives.

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Department of Defense Forms
DD Form 4-1 - Enlistment/Reenlistment Document for the Armed Forces of the United States
DD Form 93 - Record of Emergency Data
DD Form 369 - Police Records Check
* DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Records
* DD Form 2058 - State of Legal Residence Certificate
DD Form 2351 - DoDMERB Report of Medical Examination
DD Form 2492 - DoDMERB Report of Medical History
Department of the Army Forms
DA Form 597, Army Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Non-Scholarship Contract
DA Form 597-1, Acknowledgement of Understanding, Non-Scholarship Two Year Program
DA Form 597-3 - Army Senior Reserve Officer Corps (ROTC) Scholarship Contract
DA Form 705 - Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard
DA Form 4824-R - Certificate and Acknowledgement of Service Requirements for Army Reserve SMP
Cadet Command Forms
Instructions for Completing CC Form 104-R
CC Form 104-R, Planned Academic Worksheet
CC Form 132-R, Statement of Understanding (Dependency)
CC Form 136-R, Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits for Cadets
* CC Form 137-R, Authorization/Declination for Access to Student Records
* CC Form 139-R, Cadet Enrollment Record
CC Form 167-R, Scholarship Acceptance/Declination Statement & PMS Validation
CC Form 202-R, GRFD Non-Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement
CC Form 203-R, GRFD Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement
CC Form 204-R, Revocation of GRFD Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement
CC Form 226-R, Request for Change to GRFD or Dedicated ARNG Scholarship
CC Form 227-R, Request for Reserve Forces Duty Control Number

National Guard Bureau Forms
 NGB Form 594-1 - Annex to DD Form 4/DA Form 4836 - ARNG Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Agreement
NGB 5435-1-R - Supplemental to DD Form 4 - Statement of Understanding
Miscellaneous Forms
SGLV 8296 - Serviceman's Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate
SF 86 - Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire Worksheet
SF 1199A - Direct Deposit Sign Up Form (with "Voided" check attached)
W-4 - Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Required Documentation
* Birth Certificate (or Naturalization Certificate, if applicable)
* Proof of Citizenship (Social Security Card)
* Current Shot Record
* Official Transcripts (from all high schools and/or colleges attended)
DD-214 (if prior service)

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