Alumni Board of Directors
The Alumni Association accepts nominations for its Board of Directors. These positions are one-year appointments, which begin July 1 of each year. After approval from the nominating committee, all nominations are voted on by the full board. Monthly board meetings are open to all alumni of the university and are generally held on Monday nights at 6 p.m. For more information about the Alumni Association, meetings, or the Alumni Board of Directors, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or at 606.218.5276. | Click here to submit a nomination for the Alumni Board of Directors.

Officers of the Alumni Board of Directors
Tommy Chamberlin '96
Pike Co. Attorney's Office
Gabriel Penn '14
Coleman College of Business
Vice President
Lisa Compton ‘12
Community Trust Bank
Ryan Jones '11

Members of the Alumni Board of Directors
Danny Adams '71
Bennie Bartley ‘64
John Biery ‘88
Heather Birchfield ‘96
Phillip Birchfield ‘94
J.R. Blackburn ‘93
Nathan Brown ‘05
Tommy Chamberlin ‘96
Jonathan Chapman ‘03
Jordan Charles ‘03
Hon. Eddy Coleman ‘78
Lisa Compton ‘12
Mitch Copley ‘11
Whitney Copley ‘08
Camilla Damron ‘96
Lisa Forsyth ‘87     
Stephanie Frazier ‘92
Jordan Gibson ’08, ’14 CCOB             
Kay Hammond ‘69
Tim Hatfield ‘92
Thomas Hereford ‘66
Judith Hinkle ‘52A, ‘62
Doug Hinkle ‘53J
Whitney Hogg ‘09
Ron Howard ‘05
Tina Hurley ‘99
Bryna Jewell ‘02
David Jewell ‘97
Ryan Jones ‘11
Melanie Joyce ‘02
Gayle Justice ‘88
Sierra Kiser ‘15
Judy Lester ‘71
David Lester ‘71
Courtney Lovern ‘15
Patty May ‘70
Tivis Newsom '83
Tiffany Nichols ‘09
Judi Patton ‘60
Gabriel Penn ‘14
Kathy Petot ‘75
Dr. Howard Roberts ‘78
Lois Rogers ‘04
Daryle Ronning ‘86
Jesse Rudd II ‘00
Bonnie Scott ‘93
Jean Shockey ‘51
Eugene Sisco III ‘08
Don Sullivan ‘50A
Brooke Thacker ‘04
Dr. Steve Walters ‘94, ‘01 KYCOM
Amy Williamson ‘10
Mike Williamson ’50T, '54A, ‘58

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