Mission Statement of the UPIKE Alumni Association
Serving as the Gateway to the World for students, alumni, and friends of UPIKE

Vision Statement
The Alumni Association seeks to preserve what we were, celebrate who we are, and plan for what we will become by serving as the gateway to a world of possibilities for students, alumni, and friends of UPIKE. This partnership with the University of Pikeville seeks to accomplish these goals through engaging collaborations; creating comprehensive communication strategies; establishing meaningful connections; and finding contributions of time, expertise, and resources.

Guiding Principles
The three major areas of emphasis are:
·         Preserving who we were…
·         Celebrating who we are…
·         Planning for what we will become…

Preserving who we were…
Founded in 1889 by Presbyterians traveling through the region, the Pikeville College Institute offered primary, secondary and post-secondary education. The institute transformed in 1909 and was split into the Pikeville College Academy and Pikeville Junior College. In 1955, Pikeville College set yet another milestone by being the first to offer baccalaureate degrees to the indigenous Appalachians and visiting scholars. With the purpose to alleviate a shortage of primary care physicians in rural Appalachia, the College added the School of Osteopathic Medicine to its offerings in 1997. When a Master of Business Administration was added to post-graduate offerings in 2011, it was only fitting that the name be changed to the University of Pikeville to reflect the institution’s ongoing commitment to providing higher education, including graduate and professional programs. The University of Pikeville has clearly always been a pioneer in higher education, even in its humble beginnings in the late 1800s. Its evolution to its current position as "the leading institution of higher education in central Appalachia" is attributed to visionary leadership and the belief that quality higher education can be attained in a rural setting. The University of Pikeville Alumni Association strives to preserve the institution’s rich history while celebrating its current position as the leading higher education institution of the region.

Celebrating who we are...
The University of Pikeville Alumni Association will assist the University in a myriad of ways to propel the advancement of the institution. The Association will work alongside the University to promote the strong sense of community that resonates throughout the institution on the hill. Celebrating the school's diversity, among both its academic offerings and scholastic population, exemplifies the tremendous value of an education obtained from UPIKE. The Association will recognize unique and successful alumni by sharing their stories, all of which began by ascending the symbolic 99 steps. Promoting and showcasing the Association and alumni to others elicits interest, respect, and goodwill from faculty, staff, current students, alumni, prospective students, the community, and potential benefactors.

Planning for what we will become…
UPIKE has transformed lives for the past 123 years and will continue to strengthen the region by producing invaluable graduates with various types of academic degrees. The Alumni Association will serve as the glue that connects people and resources which support the future of the University of Pikeville. The Association will execute its goals of telling the story of the institution and its people, developing and nurturing relationships that assist current students and alumni, and locating resources – all while embodying the University’s mission, vision, and goals.

In support of these University of Pikeville institutional goals, the work and influence of the Alumni Association is done in the context of helping currents students, graduates, and friends of UPIKE through the following overarching goals:
·         Telling the story
·         Developing relationships
·         Helping find resources
·         Serve as the umbrella organization for all areas of the University
·         Measuring success
The Alumni Association in support of the University of Pikeville values the following:
·         Preserving a rich history of the institution
·         Working together with the University to enhance the efficacy of the institution
·         Finding meaningful ways to help propel UPIKE to greater heights of academic success
·         Promoting an atmosphere of community and stewardship for the University’s resources and people
·         Creating a community in which all people are treated equally regardless of their heritage, background, or beliefs.

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