Alumni Spotlight

Tiffany Thacker, '07

By: Cody Davis, '17
March 26, 2015

Tiffany Thacker was born at Pikeville Medical Center in the town that would later become her college home. Growing up within the reach of Shelby Valley High School, sports played a great role in her younger life. Eventually though, came the time when she was preparing to graduate high school and needed to choose her college. Luckily for the university, she ended up at UPIKE.
When Thacker was asked what influenced her to choose what was then Pikeville College, she responded, “I was looking for a solid liberal arts education close to home and Pikeville College seemed like a good choice.” This is how she came in contact with Nancy Cade, Ph.D., Davenport Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science, and a woman who would later become very impactful in her life. Cade convinced her to become a history and political science major and helped guide her to the point where she is now; a very successful alumna and important leader in our nation’s Capitol.
While attending college, Thacker took the path less travelled, and in doing so, she took on a full-time job at Baird & Baird Law Firm in Pikeville and also working part-time at the local Pikeville YMCA. One could say that her experience was quite different than most other students. While working full-time, she managed to make time to attend UPIKE sporting events to cheer on her fellow Bears.
I also had the opportunity to speak with Thacker about where she is now, and what road the historic “99” steps have led her on. “As far as work, I’m the director of business attraction at the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership, a non-profit organization that facilitates economic development of Washington, D.C.” The Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership not only tells the story of D.C.’s resurgence and its opportunities, but also actively brands D.C. as a premier city to start, locate and expand business.
Jukebox the Ghost at SXSWOne of Thacker’s larger projects that she is currently working on is overseeing the Capitol’s presence at SXSW (South By South West), which happens to be one of the largest music festivals in the world. She has also just completed a five-day showcase that showed off DC’s top technology and musicians to the more than 72,000 people who were there in attendance at this year’s festival.
But Tiffany does not stop there, she is “also the director of AccelerateDC, a venture mentoring service for D.C.-area technology companies where we pair fledgling businesses with a team of mentors that offer a wealth of knowledge, entrepreneurial business experience and extensive networks to young entrepreneurs.”
Even with that heavy business load, Thacker still makes time to visit Pikeville to see her family and the city itself. When asked about visiting and how the area has grown she said, “Pikeville has made impressive strides in diversifying its economy and I’m excited to see how it has grown each time I come home.”
Not only is she impressed with the Pikeville community, but she is proud of her alma mater. “I’m continuously impressed with the progress the school has made and with the direction it’s going.”
Thacker is a wonderful example of how the “99” has led many of its alumni to successful careers.

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