Things you need to bring
These are the three most important things to remember:
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-20
Carry original documents with you on your person. Do not store in check-in luggage, a U.S. customs officer will examine the documents, along with passports, when you enter the country. It is a good idea to make a copy for your parents to keep.

* You will also need to present a health record form and a photocopy of a laboratory report of a negative Quantiferon blood test or T-Spot blood test. For more information, refer to the immunizations page.

What to bring:
  1. Clothes
    Shorts, jeans, shirts, slacks, undergarments, lightweight jacket, heavy winter jacket, swimsuit and formal wear
  2. Accessories
    Socks, shoes, sandals/flip-flops, gloves, hat, scarf, wallet/purse, backpack and toiletries
  3. Personal belongings
    Alarm clock and umbrella
  4. Bedding
    Bedding (Bedding can be bought in Pikeville and then stored from year-to-year as needed.)
  5. Expenses
    Money for personal items, books, snacks and dorm room accessories.
  6. Other
    First aid kit, traditional costume from your country (if available) and two easy-to-cook recipes of traditional food from your country.
What not to bring:
  1. Electrics
    Coffee maker, grill, hotplate, toaster or toaster oven
  2. Outdoor sports
    Skateboard or fireworks
  3. Indoor appliances
    Electric blanket, extension cord, heater or candles/incense
  4. Other dangers:
  5. *Because of the differences in power voltages and frequencies of each country, foreign electronics and appliances are dangerous to use and can cause fire hazard. 
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