Transfer Applicants

The university accepts credit for courses from regionally accredited institutions according to the policies outlined below:
1. Transfer credit will be awarded for courses comparable to those taught at the University of Pikeville and/or that are compatible with a liberal arts education.

2. Credit is not granted for developmental or remedial courses.

3. Credit will be granted only for courses with a grade of “P,” “C,” or above.

4. Transfer students are required to complete all the stated requirements for the degree to be received. Thirty (30) of the last thirty-six (36) credit hours prior to graduation must be earned at the University of Pikeville.

5. The final grade point average (GPA) will include only those hours earned at the University of Pikeville.

6. In order to be considered for honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, Honors or High Honors) at the time of commencement, a student must have competed a minimum 60 hours for the baccalaureate degree and 30 hours for the associate degree at the University of Pikeville. The Dr. W.C. Condit Award is presented each year to the member of the graduating class who has achieved the highest scholastic standing throughout their entire college career. The Margaret E. Record Award is presented to the member of the graduating class who has achieved the second highest standing. Each award requires the graduate to have taken at least 96 hours toward graduation at the University of Pikeville.

7. A notation of “P” and the credit hours transferring are recorded on the the University of Pikeville transcript; grade-point averages and quality points are not recorded.

8. At least 50 percent of the credit hours required in the major and/or minor and a total of 25 percent of the credit hours toward the degree must be earned at the University of Pikeville.

9. The University of Pikeville accepts dual credit for courses that correspond with similar courses offered at the university, provided such courses are offered by a regionally accredited institution, ensuring instruction by qualified faculty and adherence to appropriate placement criteria.

10. Students may petition for the transfer of credit not covered by the aforementioned. Requests will be considered on an individual basis according to established criteria. Further information and appropriate procedures for requesting transfer credit may be obtained from the Registrar’s office.
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