Federal Work-Study Program at the University of Pikeville

The Federal Work-Study Program, or FWS, is a federally funded program that is offered to students who demonstrate financial need based on results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. It is imperative that the student complete the FAFSA after October 1 every year as this is a basis for awarding work-study. Along with early filing, the student must indicate his/her interest in work-study on the FAFSA to be considered for the program. If the student shows financial need (using the EFC-estimated family contribution as the evaluator) and has indicated their interest in work-study on the FAFSA, then the student will be considered for work-study.

If the student has enough grant and scholarship money to cover their cost of tuition (i.e. Pikeville Promise) they may not be considered for work-study unless they exhibit extreme financial need, as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services. Returning students who indicate they are interested in work-study and have also completed the FAFSA early will be re-awarded work-study for the following year, as long as funds have not been exhausted. Amounts awarded to returning students will be based upon the amount the student earned in the previous year funding levels available.

Once work-study is awarded, it must be accepted on WebAdvisor.
  • If the award is not accepted, the student will be removed from the work-study program and funding will be offered to another student.
  • If the award is accepted, the student will be emailed information outlining the employment procedure.
It is the student’s responsibility to review the job listings and obtain a position posted on BEARS@WORK.
  1. The student will initiate the hiring process by applying for a job they find on BEARS@WORK.
  2. After the student applies for a position and uploads a resume, the supervisor for that area will interview the student.
  3. If the supervisor decides to hire the student, the supervisor will complete a work-study authorization form and the student must complete all necessary paperwork with Human Resources before the student can begin working.
The work-study authorization form will contain the amount of the award and the number of hours the student can work. Supervisors and students should monitor the student’s earnings to ensure they do not exceed the award. The work-study coordinator will monitor this as well and inform the supervisor of the student’s number of hours. Students shall not exceed 8 hours a day, 20 hours in a week or 40 hours in a pay period. If this happens, the student is in jeopardy of being REMOVED from the work-study program. This is not UPIKE policy, this is Department of Education policy. If the student exceeds their awarded amount, then the student could be ineligible for work-study and the department could lose its eligibility for work-study as well.

Students who work in an on-campus location will be required to use the WebAdvisor tool to electronically submit their time. Off-campus supervisors will not have access to this system, therefore these students will use paper time sheets. All time cards, whether electronic or paper, will be due on the Monday following the end of the pay period by 3 p.m. If the student or supervisor does not complete this process, the student will not be paid until the following pay cycle. Students will be paid every two weeks. The student can either have their pay checks directly deposited into a checking or savings account or elect to have their checks go directly to their bill by giving written authorization to the Business Office.

Work-study is exactly what it says it is: a student must work to be paid. It is not an entitlement. The program will teach you responsibility and how life in the “real world” is. If the student does not work his or her allotted hours, the work-study coordinator can reduce or remove hours from the student. If the student is disorderly in his/her placement, disciplinary action will be taken. If the student falsifies time worked, the student will be terminated from the work-study program immediately and not allowed to participate in their time at the university. Students are encouraged to consider the responsibility and gravity of having a work-study position before taking a position.
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