Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Eligibility for financial aid may be jeopardized by dropping classes or by withdrawing from the University of Pikeville after financial aid has been disbursed.

Students are urged to seek academic counseling and financial aid advising before deciding to change enrollment status. Charges for tuition, room, and board will be recalculated on a pro-rated basis according to the title IV schedule and number of weeks left in the current semester. No refunds will be issued after 60% of the current semester has been completed.

Pro-Rata Refund Policy
Tuition, room, and board are recalculated according to the following schedule:

During the first week of the semester 100%
During the second week of the semester 75%
During the third week of the semester 50%
During the fourth week of the semester 25%
After week four 0%

Unofficial Withdrawal

Please do not leave the University of Pikeville without going through the Official Withdrawal Process. Once final grades are available for each semester, a report is generated to identify students that received Title IV federal aid and have failed all of their classes (including Incomplete and FN-failure in the class due to non-attendance grades). These students are considered to have been “unofficially withdrawn” from the university and are sent a letter informing them that a portion of their semester’s financial aid will be returned to the appropriate aid source unless verification of attendance or proof of participation in an academic related activity beyond the midpoint of the semester is provided. Students are given approximately 10 business days for this information to be submitted to the office of student financial services for more information. Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculations are completed for all of these students by financial services.

If a student submits documentation from a professor or documentation of participation in an academic related activity indicating that they completed the course or attended past the 60% date, the documentation is marked as approved and an adjustment is not required to be made to the student’s account. A note is added to a student’s account indicating that acceptable documentation was submitted and that the R2T4 calculation was not required to be performed.

If documentation is not received or what is submitted is not acceptable, the required return to Title IV (R2T4) adjustment is completed and the funds are returned to the appropriate aid source. A memo is added to each student’s account detailing the adjustment. A letter and billing statement are sent to the student indicating that the funds were required to be returned and that they now have an outstanding balance due at the university.
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