Lifetime Eligibility for Grants and Loans

In general, students may receive PELL Grants for 12 semesters, or 600% of their full award (six full awards) and state grants for eight semesters.

For more details regarding the Pell Grant limitations now in place, visit:

All first time borrowers after July 1, 2013, are limited to 150% time frame of their current academic program in the Direct Subsidized Loans. If direct subsidized loan eligibility is lost, the borrower can still receive the remainder of the loan eligibility in Direct Unsubsidized loans. If a student losses the eligibility due to the 150% limit and did not complete their academic program or enrolls in another program of equal or shorter length, they lose the loan subsidy on all prior subsidized loans they had received.

A student may continue to borrow, provided he or she does not exceed the maximum aggregate loan amounts listed below.

To view complete details about the Direct Student Loan eligibility, visit:
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