Information for Financial Aid Recipients

Accepting the Offer
The amount of financial aid described in an award letter is only an offer. All new students to UPIKE will receive a physical award letter in the mail when the process is completed. Typically, there are no other steps necessary to “accept” aid other than additional steps required for student loans as indicated in the Direct Loan section of this handbook. If you are a new student to UPIKE you will be given electronic access into the school's Web Advisor system upon registration. At this point you may accept/reject offered loans. Remember, two additional steps: Entrance Counseling and MPN (Master Promissory Note) to complete on if you are a new Direct Loan borrower. Current students are asked to accept or deny loans on Web Advisor as soon as possible.

Once all students, new and returning are registered, they are encouraged to access their financial aid award letter through Web Advisor. If an award letter contains Federal Work-Study, Federal Work-Study will not be processed until the student hired as a work study student and completes all required paper-work. Timesheets are processed bi-weekly through Web Advisor. Payroll checks can be distributed manually through the business office, or these earnings can be deposited into the student’s bank account. Direct deposit can be requested via Web Advisor. The student is encouraged to pay any Federal Work-Study earnings on their UPIKE account balance; however, it is not mandatory.

How, When and Where Students Receive Aid
Since most aid is awarded for the fall and spring semester, students will receive one-half of their yearly award each semester. One exception is Federal Work-Study, which is paid every two weeks based on hours worked. If a student choses to not take advantage of the opportunity, he/she will be a removed from the Federal Work-Study program. Most financial aid will be disbursed on or around the 10th business day (census date) of each term once enrollment has been validated.
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