Repeating Coursework 

A student who “repeats” a course (i.e. enrolls in the same course more than one time) will be allowed to include the repeated coursework when determining the enrollment status (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time or less-than-half-time). For financial aid purposes, grants/loans may be used to pay for repeated coursework.
Effective July 1, 2011, federal regulations were modified to impose limitations on repeated coursework regarding TITLE IV federal funds. Title IV funds may include: Pell Grant, Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans, Parent/Graduate PLUS Loans, Perkins Loan, and FSEOG Grant. NOTE: other state/institutional aid (grants/loans) may be adjusted if the reduced Title IV federal cost-of-attendance results in less eligibility for state/institutional aid. The new regulations do not require an institution to allow repetitions nor does it limit how often a student repeats coursework, and only addresses the treatment of repeated courses for Federal Title IV purposes, as outlined below:
  • In order to receive Title IV federal funds for a repeat course, a previously PASSED course may be repeated only ONE TIME and the student may receive Title IV federal funds for this repeated course only ONE TIME. If the passed course is repeated more than once, Title IV federal funds will no longer pay for the repeated course. For example, a student enrolled full-time may receive Title IV federal funds as a three-quarter-time student if one of the enrolled courses is being repeated for a second, or more, time.
  • Repeated coursework may be included when determining the enrollment status if a student is required to meet an academic standard for a particular previously passed course, such as a minimum grade. For example, the University requires a student to maintain a minimum grade of “C” in a particular course within a student’s major, but the student continues to repeat the course and passes with a grade of “D.” A student can receive Title IV federal funds for a repeated course until the minimum grade of “C” is achieved.
  • Title IV federal, state and institutional aid will pay for unlimited repeats of FAILED courses (i.e.: F, Q, W, WF’s) as these limitations pertain only to PASSED courses. However, the University of Pikeville’s academic policy may vary on limitations. It is suggested students meet with the academic dean for review.
  • Students may receive Title IV federal, state and institutional funds for non-credit or remedial coursework for no more than one year. Once a student has reached the one-year limit, financial aid may not be used to pay further remedial coursework, new or repeated.
  • Repeated courses, both passed and failed, will affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAPROG) in that a repeated course, along with the original attempt, must be counted towards the maximum time frame.
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