Disbursement Processes at the University of Pikeville

Once it is determined that a student has a completed official acceptance into the University of Pikeville and the University has received the results of the student’s FAFSA (results at institutional level are referred to as an ISIR) financial aid is confirmed as ready to be disbursed to the student’s account.

If a student used the ‘will file option’ to complete his/her FAFSA, the information must be updated once tax returns have been completed using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA. If this is not done, the student will not receive their financial aid award and will owe a balance to the university. For any questions concerning the use of the data retrieval tool, visit the Financial Aid 101 section of the financial aid website or call the office at 218-5254.

If a student’s FAFSA has been chosen for verification, either by the government or the institution, all financial aid will be delayed until the process is completed with Student Financial Services.
A student account is administered by the business office. The account establishes the student record that maintains all charges obtained by the student at the University. 
If you are enrolled part-time, the University will “prorate” the Pell and CAP awards. You must be enrolled at least six credit hours (for undergraduates) and three credit hours (for graduates) to receive any federal Direct Loan. New students that are first–year or first–time borrowing loans will have a 30–day delay in any Direct Loan disbursement. No loans will disburse to a student’s account without the proper paperwork. You will be advised of this paperwork when you enter the University of Pikeville and meet with the Student Financial Services staff.
Federal Work Study (FWS) is paid to a student by check or direct deposit. Students record time worked and approval is given by the direct supervisor. Payroll checks are disbursed on the 25th of each month. It is not mandatory that a student pay their FWS payroll against their account; however, the student is advised by the business office when payroll checks are disbursed, of any unpaid balance at the University.
Awarded financial aid is disbursed usually after census date within each term (fall and spring) this date is two weeks into each academic period. The types of aid typically processed through student accounts are: Pell, FSEOG, KTG, CAP, KEES, Direct Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Private and Perkins Loans, most outside scholarships, and the University of Pikeville’s institutional awards. Once aid is disbursed to student accounts, the student is responsible for any unpaid balances. Unpaid balances must be paid before a student can pre-register for an upcoming term, graduate or obtain a copy of a transcript.
Students are encouraged to review each bill issued by the University. Web Advisor may be used to evaluate charges to review financial aid awards. If there are discrepancies please see the staff in Student Financial Services.
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