Faculty Workshops

Session: Dabbling with Doceri: Getting Started with Interactive Whiteboards

Presenters: Dr. Eric Werth & Dr. Robert Arts

*Future registration dates to be announced
Description: Expand your iPad capabilities with the interactive whiteboard application Doceri. This workshop is for faculty who are interested in adding a free screen recording app to their repertoire of instructional tools. Record your voice along with images and writing for students to view at any time. This session could be valuable to faculty in academic divisions, from math and science to music and English. To use our time most effectively, we ask that participants download the application to their iPad before the session begins.

Session: Retention & Student Success of First-Year Students

Presenters: Dr. Lori Werth, Dr. Mathys Meyer, Dr. Justin Owens, & Ambria Ray

*Future registration dates to be announced
Description: A community effort toward the retention of our students will be a goal during the 2016-2017 academic year. After the conclusion of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, we will be examining the most effective techniques to increase retention across campus.

Session: Impacting Advising and Retention at UPIKE: Exploring the Academic Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor

Presenters: Dr. Lori Werth & Gia Potter

*Future registration dates to be announced
Description: A deeper look into student advising and retention. This session will help you to gain a better grasp on Web Advisor’s academic program evaluation tools, which will ultimately allow you to better serve your students’ advising needs.

Session: Joule Tricks and Treats

Presenters: Katie Williams

*Future registration dates to be announced
Description: Don’t know what Joule is or think it is just something a physics major learns about? Have you been using our learning management system but looking for ways to take the next step? This session will cover ways you can use Joule to enhance student learning in any course as well as save you, the faculty member, work and energy.

Session: Shaping Shared Governance at UPIKE

Presenters: Dr. Burton Webb

*Future registration dates to be announced
Description:There are many definitions and expressions of shared governance at universities, not-for-profit entities, hospitals, and corporations around the world. Even within university systems, shared governance can take on many different forms. In this workshop, Dr. Webb will offer a working definition of shared governance, how it works, and where it breaks down. He will also begin the process of defining roles, exploring structures and building policies around shared governance at UPIKE.

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