The University of Pikeville presents a co-curricular honors program for qualified undergraduate students. The honors program at the University of Pikeville will enrich the participants’ academic experience while promoting innovative methods to foster a vibrant culture of learning on campus.  The honors program encourages bright students to enhance their curriculum through leadership and experiential activities meant to challenge them as they grow inside and outside of the classroom.
Applications will be open to qualified students. Selected students who participate in the program, maintain the required undergraduate GPA, achieve the criteria outlined in the application materials, and exhibit appropriate ethical conduct are guaranteed, upon completion of their bachelor’s degree, to receive special recognition at graduation.
Applications must be received by March 15. Application reviews will be conducted by the Honors Program Committee After completing the bachelor’s degree program at the University of Pikeville, honors scholars will be recognized at graduation if they have maintained a 3.5 cumulative GPA in undergraduate work, achieved the benchmarks in experiential learning as provided in the application materials, participated fully in program activities, and exhibited proper ethical qualities and conduct.
For additional information, please contact:
Darla French
Associate Professor of Biology
430 ARM
(606) 218-5616
Chandra K. Massner
Associate Professor of Communication
420 ARM
(606) 218-5004
Application Procedure
1. Submit attached University of Pikeville Honors Program application for admission to the University of Pikeville  
Honors Program Committee.
2. Provide an official transcript of high school and/or college grades.
3. Submit an essay discussing your five-year plan and how you anticipate participation in the UPIKE Honors Program will help you to achieve that plan (750 words).

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