UPIKE IRB Board Members
LeAnne Epling, College of Arts and Sciences (Chair)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office Location: Armington 427
Office Phone: 606-218-5018
E-mail: leanneepling@upike.edu  

Gregory Green, Coleman College of Business (Vice-Chair)
Associate Professor of Economics
Office Location: Wickham 124
Office Phone: 606-218-5115
E-mail: gregorygreen@upike.edu  

Michael Carnes, KYCOM (Physician)
Associate Professor of Osteopathic Principles & Practices
Office Location: Coal Building 912
Office Phone: 606-218-5449
E-mail: michaelcarnes@upike.edu  

George Asimellis, KYCO
Associate Professor of Optometry
Office Location: HPE 401F
Office Phone: 606-218-5521
E-mail: georgeasimellis@upike.edu  

Boris Boyanovsky, KYCOM
Associate Professor of Anatomy
Office Location: Coal 815
Office Phone: 606-218-5486
E-mail: borisboyanovsky@upike.edu  

Michael King, College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Education
Office Location: Armington 416C
Office Phone: 606-218-5311
E-mail: michaelking@upike.edu  

Karen Damron, Elliott School of Nursing
Dean of Nursing
Office Location: HPE 301F
Office Phone: 606-218-5755
E-mail: karendamron@upike.edu  

Jenna Steigerwalt, College of Arts and Sciences
Assistant Professor of English
Office Location: Armington 453
Office Phone: 606-218-5117
E-mail: JennaSteigerwalt@upike.edu  

Brian Horton, Community Representative
Pastor, Grace Baptist Church
Office Location: 160 Grace Trail, Pikeville, Ky.
Office Phone: 606-437-7262
E-mail: gracebaptistpike@gmail.com  

Boyd Buser, VP for Health Affairs/Dean for KYCOM (Administrative)
Office Location: Coal Building 602
Office Phone: 606-218-5410
E-mail: boydbuser@upike.edu
Thomas R. Hess, VPAA/Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (Administrative)
Office Location: Armington 219
Office Phone: 606-218-5219
E-mail: thomashess@upike.edu
Rita Thacker, UPIKE IRB Administrative Assistant
Office Location: Coal 717
Office Phone: 606-218-5421
E-Mail: ritathacker@upike.edu

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