For IRB Members


IRB Members Checklist (IRB_Member Training Checklist)
Exempt Categories Checklist (IRB_Exempt Categories)
Expedited Categories Checklist (IRB_Expedited Categories Checklist)
Informed Consent Checklist (IRB_InformedConsentChecklist)
Full Scientific Review Checklist (IRB_Full Scientific Review Checklist)

Board Member Documentation

Each Institutional Review Board member will have a folder on file with the UPIKE IRB containing the following items:

Appointment Letter – Provided by the VPAA/Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum vitae
Confidentiality Statement (IRB_Confidentiality Statement)
CITI Training (IRB Members Basic Course) Certificate
UPIKE-IRB Committee Training Requirements
CITI Training* – IRB Members Basic Course – available at
*CITI course registration instructions can be found by clicking (IRB_Registering for CITI).

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