The Washington Center

The University of Pikeville sends students to one-week and two-week seminars in Washington, D.C. The focus of these seminars may be presidential elections, presidential inaugurations, Congress, the media and politics, and national security. The Washington Center seminars are intense academic experiences constituting course credit. The program also gives students the opportunity to live in our nation's capital and experience all it has to offer. 

Sigma Tau Delta National Conference

Each year, English majors submit quality essays, fiction and critical, under the guidance of a faculty member. Selected among a competitive pool of undergraduates from across the nation, UPIKE Sigma Tau Delta members travel to cities such as Pittsburg, St. Louis, and New Orleans to convene with undergraduate and faculty to present essays, discuss literature, and have fun. 

Theater Trips

With the historic Barter Theater in Abingdon, Va., and the excellent Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, nearby, students in Communications, Theater, and English programs travel together with faculty to see the words on the page come to life. Students have enjoyed recent productions of Othello, Pride and Prejudice, and Frankenstein with Dr. Hannah Freeman, assistant professor of English, and Cabaret, Xanadu, Alice in Wonderland, and Journey Through the Mind with Edgar Allen Poe with Mr. Basil Clark, professor of Communications. 

Spirituality and Religion

The religion program takes students on a field trip each semester. The goal is for students to experience religious diversity by seeing a religious site and dialoguing with practitioners. Some of the destinations include The Islamic Center in Prestonsburg,  Ky. While visiting, students observe Friday prayers and have a dialogue session with Muslims afterwards. Students also travel to the Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center in Clay City, Ky. Students walk the grounds and dialogue with the Vice Abbot, who teaches Zen meditation. At the Dwelling Place Monastery in Hazard, Ky, students walk the grounds and dialogue with residents of this ecumenical monastery for women that practices in the Benedictine tradition.

Study AbroadCosta Rica

UPIKE encourages our students to study in other countries, experiencing cultures and histories different from (and similar to!) our own. In recent semesters, faculty and students have studied in England, Costa Rica, Greece, China, and Mexico. UPIKE collaborates with a number of study abroad organizations including KEI, KIIS, and CAPA International. Elizabeth Thompson, a recent UPIKE graduate, writes about her summer program in Costa Rica:

Elizabeth with kids

“Studying abroad was a life changing experience. The time I spent in Costa Rica not only taught me to appreciate other cultures but also to appreciate my own. The three weeks I spent studying abroad taught me more about myself and the world around me than sitting in any classroom could ever do. It was the greatest experience of my college career.”

Division of Nursing

The ability to apply knowledge to practice is fundamental in creating highly skilled and competent nurses. This requires problem-based, work-centered clinical learning opportunities, incorporating high levels of supervision and mentorship. In addition to the clinical environment, nursing students at the University of Pikeville are involved in a number of service learning activities designed to immerse the student in experiences that underscore the unique nature of caring that is nursing. Click here to learn more.

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