Leadership Excellence

The Kentucky College of Optometry at the University of Pikeville is committed to leadership excellence.

We pride ourselves on offering two very unique and motivating courses in the curriculum which address leadership in health care and personal development giving the students the processes to plan not only their professional careers but their personal lives.

Leadership in Health Care and Professional Development I is presented in four modules:

  1. Service - as a valued entity in the optometric profession and in Appalachia;
  2. Professionalism - its various dimensions in the health care professions including how one navigates beliefs, decision-making and non-discrimination; 
  3. Communication - includes the value of building trust and exhibiting respect both with patients and colleagues and the influence of gender when communicating; and
  4. Personal Development - the ability to treat all people including yourself with human dignity.

Leadership in Health Care and Professional Development II discusses issues of professional and medical ethics, legal requirements, practice management and ethical decision making.

The concepts of leadership theory are presented in the context of professional responsibilities.
The changing landscape of leadership from patient care to family to community is described.
The creation of personal leadership style and its continued development is discussed.
The techniques for creating successful attitudes and cultivating behaviors of achievement and confidence are presented from the aspects of clinical psychology.   

In addition to the student curriculum, our faculty and staff are supported to participate in leadership and personal and professional development as well.

The goal is to intentionally align the vision, culture, brand and values of the college with the KYCO’s and UPIKE’s mission.

Learned through these programs is that everyone is a leader and that leaders establish, operationalize and sustain the values and vision by which their organizations thrive through actions, communication and trust.

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