A value-added program, the Teacher Leader master’s degree strives to differentiate instruction based on the needs of individual students. Engaging and convenient, the courses are offered on the UPIKE campus and at a school district near you.*

The UPIKE TLM curriculum includes extensive use of district and school-specific data and resources including the Comprehensive District Improvement Plan (CDIP), Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP), results of the state-mandated assessments, and the Professional Growth and Evaluation System (PGES).

The Teacher Leader Master of Arts in Education (TLM) at the Patton College of Education offers personalized professional development and integrated learning opportunities for practicing educators.

Are you interested in a master’s degree program that ...
1. Allows you to use your own classroom data?
2. Is linked to your district's required professional development?
3. Is guided by your own professional improvement plan?
4. Uses proven, cutting-edge research?
5. Is offered in your own district* or one close to you?
6. Will allow you to earn a Rank I if you already have a Rank II?

Patton College of Education - Dean’s Office
Fairy Coleman

Phone: (606) 218-5314
Email: TL@upike.edu

*New off-campus sites are pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SAACSCOC).

The 31-hour program features a curriculum based on leadership, instruction and inquiry.

EDU 510 Leadership Skills for Todays Teachers I
EDU 540 Leadership Skills for Today’s Teachers II
EDU 630 Leadership for Differentiated Instruction

EDU 520 Motivating Today’s Students While Managing Today’s Classroom
EDU 530 Assessment for Teacher Leaders
EDU 610 or EDU 620 Literacy Instruction
EDU 640 Content Knowledge Enhancement
EDU 650 Instructional Design

EDU 550 Research to Improve Student Learning
EDU 570 Research in Analysis and Application of Student Data
EDU 580 Research III (Capstone - 1 hour)

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