Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are due and payable in full at registration unless special arrangements have been made with the Business Office. KYCOM reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees without advance notice and to make such changes applicable to present as well as future students. Tuition provides for:

  • a laptop computer;
  • an iPad
  • all required texts (in the form of eBooks), workbooks and necessary anatomy dissection equipment and;
  • a new portable OP&P table, a stethoscope, an ophthalmoscope, an otoscope, all lab coats & scrub suits and the use of a KYCOM microscope for the first two years.

All SOMA and KOMA dues as well as the costs of taking Parts I and II of the COMLEX (first time only) and a COMLEX Level I review course are covered by tuition.

Application Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $75 is payable upon submission of application for admission. Please make fees payable to KYCOM/Treasurer and note on the check “application fee for KYCOM.”

Acceptance Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $1,000 is payable after a student has been accepted to the School. Those accepted on or after October 15 will have until December 14 (or 30 days after they have received an offer of admission, whichever date is later); those accepted on or after December 15 will have 30 days; those accepted on or after January 15 will have 14 days; and those accepted on or after June 15 may be asked for an immediate deposit. Payment is credited toward the tuition fee upon matriculation.


Tuition is due and payable at the time of invoicing before the beginning of each academic year. Tuition is $40,120 and is subject to change annually.

Federal law requires that all students receiving financial assistance from Title IV and Title VII funds maintain satisfactory academic progress. KYCOM policy follows the academic standards that apply to all students receiving financial aid.

The academic progress of each student is monitored and evaluated at the end of each examination period by the Promotion and Matriculation Committee. This committee reviews the records to see if the student has fulfilled all academic requirements and has maintained the standards of ethical, moral, personal and professional conduct required for continued study of osteopathic medicine.

A student failing to meet one or more of the standards of progress may be placed on probation. While on probation, the student may receive financial aid for one enrollment period. At the end of that period, the student must be in good standing or financial aid eligibility will be denied.

A student must be in good academic standing at the end of the summer term of the second year in order to receive financial aid while on clinical rotation. Financial aid will be withheld until the student is in good standing. The Financial Aid office will notify students who are ineligible for continued assistance and will provide them with information regarding their probationary status.

Tuition and Fees Refunds

No part of the tuition fee shall be refunded to a student who withdraws for any reason after the third week from the first day of the academic schedule for first, second, third or fourth year.

A request for a tuition fee refund requires written notification to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and must be received before the close of business during the week in which the refund is requested. The request for a tuition fee refund requires prior written notification of withdrawal from KYCOM. The tuition fee refund shall be prorated as follows:

  • 100 percent during the first week of the academic semester;
  • 75 percent during the second week of the academic semester;
  • 50 percent during the third week of the academic semester; and
  • 25 percent during the fourth week of the academic semester.

No course, clerkship or rotation will be credited toward promotion, graduation or subsequent credit if a student has not paid the required tuition and fees, including any additional tuition incurred by repeating any portion of the regular program.

The Board of Trustees of the University reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees, without advance notice, and to make such changes applicable to present as well as future students of KYCOM, and to establish additional fees or charges for special services whenever, in their opinion, such actions are deemed advisable.

All inquiries concerning the above policies and all requests for refunds should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs or the Business Office.


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