The University of Pikeville student ambassadors are a dedicated, diverse group of students whose aim is to welcome, educate and aid prospective students and families through the college visit process.

Students chosen to participate in the student ambassador program will be viewed as leaders on campus as they will be present at nearly all admissions functions. Ambassadors will develop valuable leadership and communication skills, including meeting people, public speaking and representing the university at public events. Ambassadors will also make meaningful connection with prospective and new students, sharing their personal experiences and knowledge of UPIKE. As the “face of UPIKE,” student ambassadors will feel more connected to the university as a whole as valued members of this supportive and nurturing program. 

Ambassadors will work closely with college and university faculty, staff and administration to serve the prospective student community, building personal and professional relationships. The program will also give ambassadors a chance to enhance their personal resume’ and gain confidence vital to success in job readiness and career advancement upon entering the post-graduate workforce. Most importantly, the student ambassador program will create an opportunity to receive supplemental scholarship money while gaining real-world work experience.

Ambassadors will represent the university by making campus visitors feel welcome and comfortable at UPIKE, demonstrating kindness, sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest and helpfulness. Ambassadors must be confident in informing interested prospective students and parents about all facets of UPIKE life – the admission process, academic programs, financial aid, physical facilities and student services.

Ambassadors will be responsible for leading campus tours of the university, as well as planning, preparing and conducting overnight campus visits. During campus tours, ambassadors will be responsible for showing potential Bears and campus visitors all campus buildings, a classroom and a dorm room, as well as potentially driving a university golf-cart to transport students to and from upper and lower campus. During overnight visits, ambassadors are responsible for preparing the staging suite before the potential student(s) arrive, providing a campus tour for the visiting potential Bear(s), taking the guest(s) to dinner and taking the potential Bear(s) to an entertainment venue that evening (a ballgame, movie, bowling). The next morning, the ambassador is responsible for answering any questions and taking students on a classroom visit. Ambassadors must also be comfortable and confident in presenting UPIKE information to small or large groups and assisting with college fairs, school visits, open house, president's suites, socials and receptions.

Student ambassadors will be expected to attend all scheduled meetings and trainings and provide assistance in the admissions office when needed. This assistance could be in the form of filing paperwork, answering phones, etc. Ambassadors will receive training on how to perform these duties appropriately.

Kaitlyn Abdon
Business Management Major
Florence, Ky.
Hi UPIKE family! My name is Kaitlyn Abdon and I’m from Northern Kentucky. “Florence Y’all” if anyone has seen the famous water tower. I play soccer for the university, which is the main reason I came to school here. Other important factors were the small class sizes, small campus size and all of the UPIKE pride I saw when I came to visit. I’m majoring in business management and plan on pursing my master’s degree from the university as well. I wanted to be a student ambassador because I thought it would be an awesome opportunity. I love being a student ambassador and representing my school and meeting potential students. The student ambassadors have become a little family! I’m glad I decided to become an ambassador because I’ve learned a lot about the university and also made a lot of wonderful friends.
Lindsey Canada
Communication Major
Pikeville, Ky.
I felt pressured to move away for college. I thought that all the opportunities were outside these mountains. As I went and visited schools across the state, not one of them seemed like “home.” It could be because UPIKE is in the town that I grew up in, yet it’s so much more than I expected. The university has so much to offer and continues to grow. UPIKE is a city on a hill; a community where everyone has a place and feels like family. That is why I chose the University of Pikeville.

I am a communication major with a religion minor, hoping to pursue my dreams of going to law school. I’m in my third year here at UPIKE but have senior standing. Because UPIKE offered dual-credit courses, I was able to graduate high school with a 16 college credit hours. This allowed me to get ahead, and by taking a full load of classes each semester in college, as well as having the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., for a two-week Inside Washington seminar, I will be able to graduate early with great experiences and a great education.

Devin Clevinger
Education Major
Pikeville, Ky.
Hey, what’s up! I’m a sophomore at the University of Pikeville. I have lived in Pikeville my whole life and I love my city. I always knew that no matter where I went in life I would always end up back in my beautiful hometown. When thinking about college, I knew there would be no better place than to spend my next four years in Pikeville and that decision has made all the difference in my life.

UPIKE has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher and I have had an absolute blast while pursuing an education. While on campus my freshman year, I had some great people to help me along the way. These people happen to be the UPIKE admissions counselors. My first semester here I asked them a million questions and they did not hesitate to find the solution. When I heard about the opportunity of becoming a student ambassador I knew it would be perfect for me. It has been a great way to meet new people and help encourage future Bears as the admissions office staff did for me. It’s always a good day to be a Bear!
Kayla Day
Psychology Major
Ashland, Ky.
Hi, my name is Kayla Day and I am from Ashland, Ky. I am a junior here at UPIKE and play basketball for the Lady Bears. I am a psychology major with a double minor in social work and history. I chose UPIKE because from my very first visit I felt like the University of Pikeville was home. I was welcomed into the UPIKE family and knew this was where I was supposed to be. On our small campus, students at UPIKE are at an advantage in the classroom because they are able to develop personal relationships with professors. Coming to UPIKE as a student-athlete, it was important to me that I chose a place close enough to home so my family could see my basketball games. I am proud to say that I know I made the best decision when I chose the University of Pikeville. Go Bears!

Kelli Dorton
Nursing Major
Pikeville, Ky.
Hey Bears! I’m Kelli Dorton and I was born and raised in the beautiful town of Pikeville, Ky. I spent my first two years of college away from home, but I transferred to UPIKE as a junior to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. After my very first week spent on campus, I knew that the University of Pikeville is where I belong. Being a student ambassador has been a great opportunity for me to work with our wonderful faculty, staff and students as well as those interested in coming to our school. It has allowed me to greatly improve my communication skills, which will be very beneficial to my nursing career. I am always surrounded by an uplifting group of workers, as well as an abundance of friends who feel just like family. At our university everyone is forever part of the black and orange family! I love sharing all the great opportunities we have at UPIKE and I will forever take pride in being a Bear!
Molly Frank
Biology Major
Greensburg, Ky.
I am a second-year pre-med undergraduate student at the University of Pikeville, majoring in biology. I loved the university when I visited for the first time, but I fell in love with the UPIKE family during my first year here. I was interested in becoming a student ambassador because of my passion for the university and because every potential student deserves to feel as welcomed as I did during my visit here. Each professor is extremely friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. As a biology major, I found myself visiting my professors’ offices frequently, and to my surprise, they were actually happy that I was seeking their help! Coming to college, I was terrified that I was just going to be another “number.” At the University of Pikeville, each and every student becomes a member of one big family. Through activities, such as the “President’s Midnight Breakfast,” the university staff makes every student feel like they are important. I wanted to aid in recruitment in any way possible because every student deserves to have an enjoyable college experience and there is no better place to find that experience than at the University of Pikeville.

Jessalyn Hunter
Biology Major
Lexington, Ky.
My name is Jessalyn Hunter and I’m majoring in biology with plans to attend dental school and become an orthodontist. I came to UPIKE for a few reasons: to continue my cheerleading career, for the small classes UPIKE offers and the one-on-one help from the professors. I wanted to be a student ambassador because I thought this would be amazing experience to reach out to other students and let them know how great this school is and this would be a great way to do so.
Derek keller
Biology Major
Grayson, Ky.
I am from Grayson, Ky. I am majoring in biology and I want to pursue a career in medicine. For most high school students it can be hard to choose where you want to attend for your undergraduate education, but for me the choice was simple. I always knew that I would attend the UPIKE. This university provides opportunities that other’s cannot. At the UPIKE you get a quality education and a sense of community on campus. You get one-on-one interactions with your professors and everyone is ready to give a helping hand. I wanted to feel like I was at home. I wanted to feel like I belonged to a community so I could contribute to that university. The University of Pikeville is a pretty amazing place and accommodates for almost everything that a student could ask for, but my favorite thing that they provide is this feeling. The amount of support, care and effort that they put into everything is more than enough for any individual to achieve what they set their heart and mind to. This is also one of the many reasons why I wanted to become a student ambassador for this growing university. I want to help provide prospective students with the sense of community and knowledge that they needed to make the appropriate choice. I want to be a part of this family and help others with the decision to become a part of the UPIKE family.

Paige Slone
Nursing Major
Hazard, Ky.
My name is Paige Slone and I’m from a little town in Knott County. I have really enjoyed my two years here at UPIKE and honestly do not believe I would get a better college experience anywhere else. It feels just like home to me because the campus is like a small community where everybody knows everybody. I just started my second semester of nursing school and I find it so rewarding. I decided to become a student ambassador because I want to show others how much I love UPIKE and how wonderful this school is. It’s always better when prospective students hear from students that attends, UPIKE and can tell them exactly what it’s like! I hope to make a difference in people lives whether it’s by being a nurse or helping a student decide where they belong. It’s not just “Welcome to UPIKE,” it’s “Welcome to the family.”

Application Process

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at UPIKE
  • Have completed two full semesters at UPIKE
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Positive attitude about UPIKE 
  • Good communication skills
  • Responsible and organized
  • Willing to learn about the university
Application Process:
  • Complete the student ambassador application
  • Provide an unofficial transcript indicating good academic standing (3.0 or better)
  • Complete your “Me” page. This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. On a standard 8.5 x 11 inch page show who you are and how creative you can be. You have been given the artistic license to make your “Me” page whatever you want it to be. Have fun with this one!
  • Complete a successful interview. Interviews will be scheduled once all applications are reviewed.
For questions or to request an application, contact Haylee Combs 606-218-5292, 606-794-3928, or


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