Honors Program Application
Legal US resident or Citizen:

Marital Status:
Plan to Live:
Have you participated in dual credit course hours?:

Upload a written statement in which you share your five-year plan and how you anticipate participation in the UPIKE Honors Program will help you to achieve that plan (750 words).


I understand that the University of Pikeville may not release any information about my academic records or my performance at the University of Pikeville without my personal consent. I further understand that the University of Pikeville may, from time to time, want to use my photograph and/or personal data for publicity purposes for the University.


I hereby make application for admission to the University of Pikeville Honors Program under the terms and conditions set forth in the current catalog. Every statement here is correct to the best of my knowledge. I realize that misrepresentation of any statement will result in reconsideration for admission to the University of Pikeville’s Honors Program.


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